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Milo`s Cry For Affection

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Having so many people around for Christmas day, Minnie and Milo stayed outside more than usual, not use to celebrations I suppose. I came down this morning to make a cup of tea and Milo jumped up on the kitchen table and really started to cry loud three or four times. Off I whent and got his food, he sniffed it once and turned his nose up at it. Jumping up again and crying again really loud I thought I would offer him a bit of leftover turkey, nope didnt want that either. I tapped the table a couple of times and he rolled down onto his back, I put my left hand and arm onto the table and he wrapped both his front paws gently around my wrist whilst burying his nose into my hand, I then cupped my right hand over his head whilst I kissed and cuddled him, he must have stayed there motionless for a good five minutes until he got what he needed. He is such a little rascal and toughnut but he is soppy with it as well
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Awwww, so sweet!!
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Ah, a quiet moment with Mom!
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Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! DAD!!!!

Yet another another one. Im going for a sex change It will make my life on TCS a whole lot easier
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It's a common assumption we all make here! Take it as a compliment.

That sounds like a very sweet moment with Milo. I love those special little cuddly moments.
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Ok compliment accepted Well he showed his affection to me tonight alright, he came trotting in the front room and meowed a couple of times ( usual sign that their biscuits have all gone ). So up I get to check the bowl and there in the hallway was a dead rat Milo trotted out the front room before me and then started walking in circles around it. I told him what a good boy he was and then threw the thing over into the field.
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Awww. Milo was so moved by your show of affection that he hunted down and killed an innocent rodent for you.
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awwwww, he loves his daddy!
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