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Drinking Fountains

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Does anyone have experience with drinking fountains? The vet recommended one for Bickford, to get him to drink more since he has some constipation problems and we're trying to get him to lose weight as well. I found the Drinkwell Pet Fountain listed on and it seemed to be highly recommended. Has anyone here used it or another fountain?
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We have the petmate deluxe water fountain for our cats. We bought the petmate brand many years ago & our cats love it. Their water consumption has improved because the water stays cool & fresh. We also put ice cubes in their water fountain - they seem to love it!

Our cats prefer their water running down a ramp but other cats may prefer Drinkwells water spout...
Depends on what each individual cat likes! Hopefully you find a fountain that works for your cat
Update us all on what you decide to buy & if your cat likes it
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We've used both the petmate and the drinkwell. We now have two drinkwells and no petmate.

The petmate fountain has a ramp the water runs down. The drinkwell has a spout the water flows over. Our kitties prefer the spout - they drink out of the falling water. Some kitties just like moving water.

But the drinkwell massively increased the amount of water they drink!

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I loved the drinkwell so much I bought a second one and keep them both going. The cats drink lots of water and the fountains add moisture to the air helping to keep it from getting too dry inside when we have the heat on.
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We've tried them all. Right now we have a Drinkwell. I haven't caught anyone drinking out of it since Raven passed on, but I think someone is because i keep having to refill it.

If I buy another or get rid of this one, I would get the Petmate one again. The first fountain we got was the Petmate, and the motor burned out after a year or 2. All of my cats seemed to like that one. The drinkwell is only liked by 1 of them now.

I have to say I think the Drinkwell is the easiest to clean of all the fountains.
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I went up to Petco and bought a Drinkwell at lunch. It was cheaper on line, but once shipping and handling get factored in it came to about the same price, and I don't have to wait for delivery. I chose the Drinkwell because it more replicated the faucet in the tub that both cats seem to like to drink out of.
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Hope it helps your kitties hydrate! (I'm betting they LOVE it!)

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I hope it helps your kitties

Mine love drinking from fountains compared to bowls but it may take them some time to get used to it being there and for them, so don't be disheartened if they don't drink from it right away
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Drinkwells by far loved here! Petmate Fresh Flow was a flop. I hated it, could never get it clean or keep it clean.

Drinkwell is preferred, IMO, because of the free falling stream.
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I have a Petmate Deluxe and a Cat-It. Petmate is quieter than the cat it, and the cats drink more out of the Petmate too.
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Well they both went at it last night, but then seemed somewhat confused. I'm not giving up and I'm keeping it running. I know they'll get used to it and I'm seeing signs that they'll like it.
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Mine prefer drinking from the sink but when it came to fountains prefer drinking from the CatIt dome, probaby because it is quieter
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I have the Petmate Fresh Flow but am going to buy the newer one that has stainless steel on the front (because my older cat is prone to feline acne). Love it, it's the best purchase I've made. My cats drink so much more water than before.
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I'm getting a fountain on payday. My cats both drink from the dog's bowl! I'd read that cats prefer glass or ceramic bowls, which they have, but they still go to that plastic dog bowl!

Edited to add:
Petsmart has a pink Drinkwell for a limited time for $19.99!
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