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Burnt---I need help quick!!!!!

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This day just keeps getting worse.

I am doubled over in pain right now and can't get a hold of hubby (he's at a Fireman's meeting of all places!!!)

My youngest plugged in my crock pot (which is normally put away but....I had removed the ceramic pot to wash the interior), slipped it under the dining room table and filled it with pictures and a teddy. Well....I could smell something but couldn't figure out what.
Went around the table and bent down. Found the crock pot and proceeded to pick it up without relaizing it was plugged in.

I have burnt my left hand baddly. My thumb is starting to blister and I can't move my index and thumb close together.

I ran my hand under cold water.....

Any ideas how to diminish pain because right now, I am feeling plenty of it!

Thanks...... *sigh*
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Cool water is the only thing I can think of right now... just wait I'll get out my St John's book...
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Okay, I'm sure you've already done this, but:
-Remove all tight jewelry (such as rings/bracelets...)

Cooling a burn will:
-reduce the temperature of the burned are and prevent further tissue damage
-reduce swelling and blistering
-relieve pain

When the pain has lessened:
-cover the burned area loosely with a clean, preferably sterile material
-secure the dressing, ensuring that the tape does not touch the burned area

Sorry, I know that's not much help to you.

I know they sell a special Polysporin for burns, but I'm not sure how well it works.
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Oh, Ghys, so sorry...

Have you tried a cold compress? A bag of frozen peas or corn wrapped in a towel can conform to your hand and put cold all around where you hurt. If the towel reduces the cold too much, try paper towels, although you wouldn't want to put a cold compress directly on your skin. Aloe vera may help to cool your skin and soothe the tightness (I use it whenever I get a sunburn), but don't use butter, the salt may be irritating. Also, a painkiller that has anti-inflammatory properties would help. But, if you start to blister you should probably see a doctor (if I remember, blistering is a sign of a second degree burn).
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Oh my gosh!!!

Keep it under running cold water until someone knows better what to do! My first aid book is packed away because of our move so I can't check there. Maybe you could do a google search?!

Oh, I hope you can make the pain ease fast! Burns hurt sooo much.
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Oh well good, people chimed in with great advice while I was writing!

Good luck I hope it feels better and doesn't blister. . .
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Try wrapping your hand with a towel soaked in vinegar. it'll help soothe it.
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Thanks everyone!

I am calmed down. Although it's still sore, it's more bearable now. And...hubby just came home. It just hurt sooooo much when it happened.

I'm going to try a few suggestions listed and then....I think I'm going to bed soon.

I had brought work home and had not quite finished. Looks like that will have to wait. I can't write now!

Huge (((HUGS))) to all my rescuers.

I fear, I have no choice....blisters are appearing but, we'll know more tomorrow how bad it will be.

Hey...if I can't write, do you think I could get away with not working????? Just trying to make light of this situation.
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Grab a big bowl and fill it full of cold milk. I know it sounds crazy, but put your hand in the milk until you can get some help. I was told to do this by a doctor when I burned my hands when I was cutting up jalopeno peppers. The juices soaked into my hands and felt like they were on fire. I also was starting to get blisters and etc since I've got super sensitive skin. Give it a try...and call your local hospital and see if you can speak to an on call doctor or nurse.
Hope this does take the pain out of it ASAP!
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Stick your hand in a bowl of vinegar or pickle juice. It will nelp to take the burn out. It really works. I think you also need to see a doctor.
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Before you go to bed, I'd wrap the burned area in a loose dressing. This will help protect your skin from rubbing against the sheets.

I think blisters are a good excuse to not work. But, if you are getting blisters I'd have a doctor check them out.

Big hugs,
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Ouuuchhhh!!! I despise burns.

After you have seen a doctor, aloe vera gel is excellent in speeding up the recovery of burns. My mother burnt her wrist on the wood stove when she was putting some more logs into it. The aloe helped immensely!

Get some, but after you see a doctor since I'm not sure how severe they are!
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I got a second-degree burn a year and a half ago. Cold water, to start. I found aloe vera gel, with benzocaine and it worked wonders. Three times a day, at least and a dry dressing. You can buy benzocaine ointment, over the counter. If it isn't in the first aid section, look with the hemmorhoid creams.
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Silvadine you can get it at your pharmacy- but I agree with Deb go see your doctor. Burns can be quite serious.
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There is a product called Solarcaine gel. It's aloe vera with lidocaine (a pain killer)...I've used it on sunburns before and it worked pretty good. It does take the pain out of it for a while and helps heal it quickly. This product is usually in the first aid section.
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Thread Starter guys are too much! Thanks again....

It seems ok. I can't believe how much that hurt and it made me wonder about the pain people must feel when they get REALLY burnt. This was only my hand. I cringe when I think of those that have suffered from 1st or 2nd degree burns all over their body.

Now, of course, I have Polysporin for burns, Aloe Vera (I agree that this help). I guess it goes to show that when you don't think straight.

It may not blister like I thought. Funny though, it seems to have gone down (it looked swollen) and now, the skin that was affected feels tough like leather. Weird.... As suggested, I will wrap it up before going to bed. I haven't tried the vinegar because the pain did tone down enough for me to tolerate it. I'll know what to do immediately the next time.

On another note: I am soooooooo upset that my little guy would do that. I know it's my fault but....the crock pot was on the counter and he has never done anything like that before. When I went to ask him what he had done and why, and to explain how dangerous that could have been had I not noticed in time, he was asleep. Maybe that's better. We'll have a one on one in the morning when I am not as upset. This could have been a much more dangerous situation and an even unhappier ending.
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G - I just saw this, are you okay? I dont have any advice, I am sorry, but I am concerned about your burns - please take care of yourself!

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Yeah...Kellye, I'm okay now. Thanks for asking! And Vikki, you are right....putting the burn episode to the side for a moment. I hate to even think about what could have happened! I need to take responsibility for that because he is only 4 and I am the one who left the pot there but......I still think he should know better. Come on! His dad is a fireman. We talk about fire dangers all the time. I don't understand...... Maybe one day I can look back and find some humor in what almost happened (see below, I'll list what was 'cooking' in the crock pot) but right now, I'm scared. What was crossing his mind when he did that? Will it happen again? Yikes! I watch my boys carefully but this time....I slipped. Although all ended well....the feeling in my stomach is not well.

The crock pot consisted of: A class picture (his brothers of course...not his), Valentine cards, stickers and a teddy still wrapped in a plastic bag. Thank God for the plastic....the smell of that gave it away and got my attention.
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How is your hand this morning? I hope it's not too bad. And don't be too cross with your little boy - I think they can get carried away in their make believe games. If you show him the burns on your hand and tell him how much it hurt it would probably make him understand what a bad thing this was to do. Not that I'm an expert mind you my little one is only 1 and crockpots are a bit too heavy for him to handle just now
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Ghys - my heart dropped when I saw the title on this post!!!! I'm glad it looks like you're going to be OK!!!!! I'm also Soooooooo glad you didn't use butter! For some reason, a number of people think this is a proper way to "help" a burn.... but all it does is cook it! Yeow!

"Phew." Big sense of relief happening from here!

Sending hugs, "cool hand heal fast" thoughts (!), and Anne's advice sounds great.

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Hey everyone!

I went to post an update this morning and our server went down. *whaaaaa*

My hand is much better. Still red but ok. It looks like what seemed to be a blister, went away.

I am having a hard time with zippers (so I'm selecting clothes without them!) I'm having a hard time with button (I'm selecting clothes without them!) Now....if they could only make velcro covered clothing for grown ups that look like grown up clothes, I'd be rockin'. My only other option was: PJ's and...well, it's not quite appropriate here!

I am having a hard time writing but it is not preventing me from typing so...all's ok.

As for Nicolas......well, I'm one of those mom's who rants and raves internally but when it comes down to crunch time....he wins. All I did this morning was ask who (I already knew) and why (I still don't know). And then I explained to both the boys at the same time how dangerous that was. And after that...I dropped it. When you stop and think about it, it's very hard to get upset about something that is done and over with. I'm just happy things ended the way they did. They ahve both been advised that they are not to touch anything that needs to be plugged in other than their game boys!

Anne, normally my little guy cannot lift the crock pot either. This one has the removable dish and once that's out of it, all that is left is a steel interior (a very HOT steel interior!)

Laurie, I had heard not to use butter on burns before. Yeouch!

Thanks for all being there during my moment of panic!

Now....anyone for crisp toasted valentines???? Sorry....just had to!
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So glad your hand is much better today.

But I am worried about the poor teddy cooked in his own plastic bag!!
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Oh yeah.....forgot about him. Well, after he cooled down (which took a while because I think he's stuffed with some kind of beans????) I was able to peel the plastic from his poor stuffed body. He's fine now and he's sitting up on the dining room table....He's just has a little 'smell' to him. A plasticky smell!!!
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Maybe he's been watching those Renolds oven bag commercials ("And cleanup is SO easy!"). Glad to hear that your burn is doing better... I'm a lousy cook, and not much time elapses between one "ouchie" and another, usually me trying to grab the side of the pan.
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G, Glad to hear your hand is better. The way you handled the situation with the boys is probably the best. That way they both get reminded about touching things they shouldn't. You could always talk with the "guilty" party when you get home if you feel it's necessary.

I was worrying about the teddy, too. Glad you're all ok.
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
I am having a hard time with zippers (so I'm selecting clothes without them!) I'm having a hard time with button (I'm selecting clothes without them!)
Woman, I have a tough time with this stuff every day! :laughing:
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OMG!!!! Ghyslaine!!! I just read this!!! I am glad your hand is better now!!!! I know how painful that is! I had a baby bottle explode on me while I was shaking it up, after having just poured boiling hot water in it... it hit my neck and I had blisters all over my neck for quite that hurt!!!!!!!!
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