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Interesting Observation!

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I wanted to share an interesting observation that made a really big, and positive impression on me.

I received a bottle of liquid potpourri as a Christmas present from my sister. It was from Walmart, and on the label it says:

Caution: Eye Irritant!
If in eyes, rinse eyes with water. May be harmful if swallowed. Call physician or poison control center. Keep out of reach of children and pets (especially cats). Avoid contact with furniture or skin.

I was very impressed that they made a special notation to keep this potpourri away from cats! So many people are unaware that potpourri and fragrance oils can be toxic to cats (obviously, this includes my sister!)

With all of the bad press that Walmart has received lately over products made in China, etc., I thought it would be refreshing to know that they actually do care about cats! (At least in this particular instance!)

My liquid potpourri will be given to either my Mom or my aunt, neither of whom have cats in the house. And I will bring this to my sister's attention, just in case she has some at her house, because of her kitty, Missy.
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Hmmmm...is this the liquid that comes with the fragrance reeds? I have those in the house, because they are generally in narrow necked containers with the reeds coming out, allowing the fragrance to evaporate. I have never seen anything that specifically warns about cats - but, I think any potpourri could be potentially to cats, kids or dogs.
Although, I do place my reed diffusers out of harms way - because I didn't want an overly curious cat to knock them over. I will have to pay more attention now. Thanks for the heads up!
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