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Somali breeders

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I have never bought a cat from a breeder I was wondering if I was planning on getting two Somali boys from the same litter just as pet cats. What kind of questions should I be asking the breeder.
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You need to ask and honestly maybe even see proof of the parents being Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency clear (one parent can be carrier as long as other is clear). This is the most important health question to ask a Somali breeder. I do know some lines in the US that carry this disease. I know the catteries they came from. Feel free to pm me about any specific cattery you are looking at.

I would want to know what titles the breeder's cats carry and how often they show their cats. Most Somali breeders do show(this does not mean they are a good cattery) and I know most of them or have heard about them. The Somali world is very small.

I would ask about their contract and even want to see one before buying. The kittens should be vaccinated, vet checked, and spayed/neutered before leaving the breeders home. The kittens should also not be younger than 12 weeks. Also if you can visit the cattery. I know this is not always possible with Somalis because there are so few breeders and you might have to have one shipped.

You can expect to be on a waiting list for quite some time ( 6months or longer). Somali litters are small and usually only 3 kittens in a litter(sometimes there are larger litters). You might not even be able to get 2 male siblings. Usually one kitten is kept for breeding and if there are anyone waiting for a show kitten they will go next leaving usually only one kitten as a pet.

I know you said it would be sometime before you are getting a kitten so just keep researching during this time. Feel free to pm me anytime with any questions or concerns you have.
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1. What age do you release them? Beware of breeders letting kittens go younger then 10-12 weeks old - most will not adopt out till 12-16 weeks old.

2. Ask what associations they are registered in (USA - CFA, TICA, ACFA) Not sure of the exact ones for overseas if you don't live in the US. Ask if they show their cats and what titles do they have. A good quality kitten (even if its pet quality) will have a lot of champions and GRAND champions in the background. If you don't see that on the pedigree, its usually cause the cats are not top quality and probably should not be bred.

3. Ask about shots, health guarentees. Ask if you get a copy of the pedigree AND registration papers. Most breeders will not give the registration papers till the kittens are spayed/neutered; however a lot of breeders will have had that done before you adopt - so the cost will reflect all that.

4. What kind of food are you feeding and litter are you using?

5. How many litters a year do you have - a breeder who has more then 2-3 litters, may be a backyard breeder. How often are the females bred?

Try to visit the breeder/cattery to see what kind of enviroment the cats live in - are they always caged in small cages, how does the breeder socialize the kittens? Are they exposed to children/other cats/dogs, etc.

If you don't get a positive feeling about things no matter how cute the kittens are or if you feel sorry for the "poor little kitten" DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BREEDER!
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Thank you very much for your help
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