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My best gift was a major breakthrough with My kits. Buffy actually came out of the room on her own and has been socializing more with us, and Lady has not been aggressive towards her. Maybe my two babies will finally be able to get along!
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I know this will sound lame but the best gift I got was getting to spend all that time with my family, I loved it!
With work schedules and money contraints it almost wasn't a possibility this year, and I never understood how very important it is to me to be with the ones I love during the holidays. I was so greatful and happy to spend that time with them all.
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Originally Posted by emchelle View Post
The best gift this year came from my little sister, in memory of my angel bunny Peanut who died in September. She was a lop rabbit and had head tilt for a year before her death, hence the crooked ears. Rex (the black bunny) was her caregiver, companion and protector, and he misses her dearly.

Aaaaw! How sweet!
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My best was a Cannon Scanner. I scanned a pix of my most special (RB) kitty Sheba and have it as a screen saver. I have very few pictures of her and and happy I can scan them into computer.
I also got a pair of sherba lined pink crocs that will be very useful-esp when dashing outside in the morning for the newspaper.
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I received quite a few 'bests'. A beautiful spice rack, a stainless steel kettle and a new set of knives with a block. I'm a sucker for anything new for the kitchen.

I also received a few sweaters, perfume, bath salts, socks, a curling iron and a few other 'just for me' gifts.

I love them all.
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I was able to get my 2 neices gifts that they were super happy with. And the pictures to prove it, LOL. (I don't think they got anything else, so I'm especially glad.)
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