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herpes or something else

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Hey everyone. We adopted a new kitten as a friend for our 7 month old kitten. Her name is pepper and is a sweetheart. We adopted her about 5 weeks ago. When we got her, the shelter said she had a cold. She sneezed alot, and was weezy. After a week, her eye got a bit crusty. We just kept after her with lysene that the vet gave us, as well as an eye cream. The eyes have gotten better, but she is still snotty. She sneezes at least once an hour or more, and when she does.... ooof. She got me right in the face about an hour ago....
Should I expect this to diminish ever or will things remain? I hope she doesnt have this runny nose forever. Also, do I need to worry that she'll get our boy Bean sick?

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Did the vet test her for the herpes virus? Our kitty was rescued with the virus. We ended up having to have one of her eyes removed. On the plus side, none of our other 5 kitties have contracted the herpes virus. However, when one of them gets a regular cold virus, one or two more usually end up with the cold.

With your kitty still sneezing with gunk after 5 weeks, I'd think that either she needs some antibiotics to help her over the cold - or if you know it's the herpes virus, you need to give your vet a call to see what he wants to do. There are some antiviral medications, though honestly, we rescued Flowerbelle five years ago, and I don't remember what all we did to get her healthy. She had a lot of other problems, and it took several months to get them all straightened out, poor baby.

Sending "get well completely and quicly" vibes to your kitty!

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I agree - ask your vet!!! Youir vet will be the very BEST person to be able to tell you what to expect with your kitty since he's been examining him and hopefully doing tests!

And if you haven't gotten any tests - go get them!! It's important to do a full blood panel - even when they AREN'T sick, so that they have something to compare test to if the kitty gets sick - it will then tell them SO much more!!

I hope he gets better!! Good luck!
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When I got Zek, he had a bit of a respiratory problem right after I brought him home. After talking with my vet, I gave both boys L-Lysine, and it helped them tremendously. How much are you giving, and how often? It may be that she needs a higher dose to help knock down the infection completely. You may also want to ask your vet whether interferon alpha might be beneficial.
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Hmm. I'll make an appointment for next week then. I dont think she was tested.
I do know that she did a round of antibiotics right when she came home to us.
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Haha, Im sorry but your name cracks me up Oldpoopie!!
Yeah, I would probably get a complete blood count and a chemistry just to have them taken care of and that we if kitty does ever get sick they have something to compare too. It might be able to give you a little bit more info on whats going on with her now too! Good luck to ya and keep us posted!
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Hope youe kitty gets better fast. Be sure to see the vet and get kitty tested.
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