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Need a new dry food

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My girl had a very mild allergy breakout. She had been doing fine on the NC Kitten but the other day I noticed her shaking her ear and she had a small allergy sore in there. It's already going away and she is no longer shaking the ear since applying the medication. She had a large outbreak when eating NC Indoor kitten in her ears and on her feet. I assumed it ws the soy protein so I switched her to the regular kitten. I am going to switch her off of NC all together. I want something with some grains. (I don't like some of the high values of phosphorous etc.. in the grain free) but no wheat, corn or soy. She can't handle foods with a lot of fruit or vegetables such as sweet potatoes or apples. I'm thinking of trying California Natural Chicken and Brown Rice, Felidae Chicken and Rice, or Wellness. If I try the Felidae or CN I think if she got any sores than that might point to a chicken allergy since they are so basic. I'm not sure if she will eat a food that plain though. One of my other cats will also be eating this food and he likes foods with a little fish oil or fish in them so that is why I was considering the Wellness. I don't know if it's a good idea to try that on Kaley though. Once I have her settled in on a dry then I will try some wet. My vet didn't want me feeding both at the same time for 6 weeks or so. I have not been giving her any wet since the initial breakout to make sure it was the dry food. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried both felidae chicken and rice and CN chicken and rice and what their cat preferred?
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I was going to suggest the Natural Balance Duck & Green Pea.....I was very upset to discover it is grain free as that's not good for UTI health & my Damita needs allergy good + UTI health.

IMO, go for the Cal Nat. I like it....and it works for Damita fairly well. Felidae.....I've got 15 cats, 8 of which are farm cats & sometimes act like garabage disposals. Nobody would eat the Felidae....not even mixed with 9 Lives!
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California natural

Solid gold
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Thanks. I'll probably try the California Natural. It's a lot cheaper than the Wellness too.
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My only worry is you may be better with a NON chn and rice formula as NC is a basic food
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You are right, they are both basic foods. I was wondering though if perhaps the soybean oil in the NC could be irritating her since she is allergic to soy protein? I have occasionally found a couple pieces of Max cat in a bag of NC as well so maybe it's possible that a piece or two of the indoor formula got in the bag by mistake. The NC also contains corn gluten which the CN does not. If she's allergic to chicken I think by trying the CN I would be able to tell because the only grain it contains is rice. And there is no fish oil.
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it may .. oil allergies are very rare since most are processed enough to make sure it is pure oil which is fat ...

corn gluten is also a rare allergy ... corn is like 6th in cat allergy s so it is possible

chicken is 5-7th on most allergy charts

rice is usually not in the top ten
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