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Needy Kitten

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This is Luka here:

Yeah he's cute and i like having him around but sometimes he's just a bit too needy. He's about 15 weeks old and if he knows i'm in house but not in the same room as him, he's scratching at the door and meowing and scratching. I just don't get it, it's a big house with lots of things to explore, but he's still so adamant about being around me. If he runs ahead of me and looses sight of me he'll just meow and meow till i go and find him. The hard part is that i'm a graphic designer that has to do a lot book and brochure mock ups. I'm cutting things with x-acto blades, and using rulers that he seem to think are just big sharp toys. It's really hard when he has to be right in the thick of things all the time. Is there something i can do to curb this obsessive clingyness to me? I like it when he's around but I need some space sometimes. Will he grow out of it to be more independent? He's learned not to play with my computer and not to attack my feet and hands, this is the next step for me. I just need some tips cause i don't like leaving him behind and crying.... i want him to just ... stop. i guess this could be in the behavior thread..
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He needs a friend! A playmate! Somekitty to be around and amuse him!! Can you get him a friend or is that out of the question?? He would leave you alone if he had someone else to bother!!
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Yes, another kitten around his age would be perfect, or a bit older. They could entertain one another and leave you alone for a bit. Cats aren't the solitary creatures many people think they are, especially at this age. He needs companionship and stimulation. Kittens don't really come with an off switch

He will grow so quickly and, believe it or not, you'll miss his kitten ways. I know I miss it.

I am sure others will come along who are more knowledgeable about a single kitten. I adopted Daphne for both me and Sebastian. I will never regret it. Seb was always sleeping, he was so bored and had nothing to do. Daphne really changed his life and mine

He is just absolutely adorable! I hope you'll post more pics
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