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Info on my new Signature...

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Since it was brought up on a different thread, I thought I better clear up any questions about it. My original picture was animated and it "kind of" looked like the girl was smacking the kitty in the face...but it was supposed to be petting the kitty. Here is the original picture for those who didn't see it.

I don't want anyone to think that I would ever hit or hurt my cats. I'm sorry if I've upset anyone or concerned anyone by posting that. I have changed it now by stopping the animation.

For those who asked where I found this picture, I found it at The Doll Palace
It really is a neat website and worth checking out if you like those kinds of cartoons and animations. It has a doll maker where you can make your own doll..it even has "accessories" of cats, dogs and other cute things. I, however, did not make this cartoon...I used one that they had on the site.

Once again, I am sorry if I offended anyone by using that picture...it wasn't my intention by any means!
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Michelle, I appreciate your concern about offending people, but I don't think (*HOPE*) anyone is that sensitive. Anyone who knows you from your posting knows you take excellent care of your three furbabes, and that any resemblance in the animation to smacking a kitty was not intentional. I knew it was supposed to be petting the kit, but animation in a small sized GIF file is going to be simple. I think it's a very cute little pic, and thanks for posting the link for the dolls. I've always wondered where I can make my own.

BTW, take the last few letters off of the link, the .orig.j so we can all see it!
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I actually thought the girl was throwing treats for the kitty on the stool. (I guess it was the way he moved his head.)

Very cute pic, either way.
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I knew that you didn't mean any harm in that post...I just thought I better clear it up just in case if I did offend someone. Plus, I didn't want any new members to think that I promoted animal abuse or anything. I agree that the graffics were kind of funny and a bit choppy, but cute non the less.

Like I just said, I was afraid that someone might be that sensitive about it and I just didn't want to have another arguement or anything like last week. I'm just trying to get along with everyone and not offend anyone by the things I say or do.

Oh...I was having issues with the new pic at that moment. I'm still learning some of this computer stuff...but I finally figured it out! I'm finally starting to get the hang of it all!
Also...about the dollmaking thing, there are lots of other sites that make those too. One is Ultimate Dolls I couldn't actually get anything to download on my computer (but my computers been giving me some fits lately!). I've seen some of their work and they've really got some really cute ones. You might want to check that one out too!
Thanks everyone for the sweet comments!
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I never thought that the girl was smacking the kitty. I thought that the cat on her lap was getting treats and the one on the stool was jealous (Why does HE get all the treats?). What are dolls? Are they animated gifs you can create and animate on your own?
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I didn't know what dolls meant either, but after I found a link to one of those sites I found that those cartoons are called dolls. The can either be animated or not and the sites that I posted earlier have a program that you can make them yourself. It's kinda fun...but I'm not creative enough to make real cool ones. Those sites have some really neat looking grafics and etc. It's worth checking out if you like that kind of stuff.
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It never crossed MY mind, that the kitty was being smacked. I think its a cute sig.
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I wasn't offended at all either. I think it's a cute picture either way.
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I think the graphics are especially cute when everything is moving. Besides,....if anyone assumed the kitty was being slapped, wouldn't they also wonder why kitty does not even move his head upon contact????

Nah.....I don't see slapping there either. I think it does look like she's throwing treats to the kitty.

Either that or....she 'tooted' and is fanning away the odor and kitty on the stool is wise enough to breath the other way! :LOL:

Okay...I'm tired and sore....I need some sleep! I'm not even funny anymore...*sigh*
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YOU CRACK ME UP! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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"Either that or....she 'tooted' and is fanning away the odor and kitty on the stool is wise enough to breath the other way!"


Thanks for the good laugh!
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That was funny Ghysaline! :laughing:

I wasn't offended at all Shell!
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Shell, I'm glad you brought it up, I've been wondering how you made such a cute picture. Thanks for the link.

oh, and I just can't see any of the regulars here hitting their cats! Everyone seems like their kitties are sacred to them.
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Shell - this is the first time I'm seeing the new sig, so I didn't think anything! Now that I'm seeing it though, it would've looked to me like she was tossing treats. "Tooting" wouldn't have occurred to me, but Ghyslaine, that was too funny!

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We lowly human owners? Slap our masters? Am I on Candid Camera? As if we'd dare! Come on, where's the camera hidden? I hope my hair looks ok.... My cats are ROTFL!
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From what I've gathered from everyone feedback that the original was a hit...so do you think I should change it back to the original one or keep it the way it is now? I like the first one the best...but I'm just curious of which one you all like the best.
Thanks everyone!
Has anyone checked out that site? Just curious...
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I like it animated best!

just my 1/50th of a dollar!
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Definately animated (tooting and all!!! ) Just wanted to add humor to the situation you felt you were in. Glad it got a few chuckles. BTW: here, in my home, my boys refer to 'tooting' as 'backfires'....welcome to the world of boys,..and men. I am soooooo in for it!
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