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A Christmas rant

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You wont believe what happened to me on Christmas Eve.

I was at my Grandparents house with my family for dinner and after dinner we opened up presents. I got 4 gifts: 2 shirts,1 pair of pants, and 1 pair of pajamas.

The shirt was from my aunt and uncle, and the rest were from my grandparents, who labeled the presents with my name on it from them.

So, after opening the presents, my Grandma comes by and says "Keith, did you get a shirt that is a size too small" I looked and didnt see one too small, so I said no.

Then I find her minutes later looking through my presents, she then asks me if I see a medium sized green shirt, there was no shirt that size, only a green vest, so again I said no Grandma there isnt.

After everyone started to pack their gifts up in bags, I was busy packing my gifts and I took out the green vest, now for the bad part. My Grandma rips the vest out of my hand and says "Oh that's not yours Keith that's for Vinny (my cousins boyfriend) , and hands Vinny the vest. I was just standing there like what the heck just happened. So Vinny felt really bad taking it from me but honestly the vest wasnt my style so im glad he got use of it. But Vinny is a nice guy just that it was a REALLY awkward situation and he's not related and is too afriad to speak up to my relatives.

So then I thought I was missing a present from my Grandparents but I wasnt, I jsut had the extra by "accident" apparently, because my Grandma wraps a vest with my name on it from her and my grandpa when apparently it wasnt intended for me, real nice of her.

My Mom was MAD and everyone was shocked at my grandma's utterly rude behavior, taking something from her own Grandson and giving it to non-family over her own flesh and blood. If anything she could have owed it to my cousins bf instead of stealing it from my hand.

So then I guess to "make up" for what she did, she gives me a used vest, which is one size too small for me so I cant even use it.

Crazy family right?
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Sounds like a typical family. Sorry about all that and hope your cousin's bf doesn't feel too bad. Very awkward for him. Only 364 days till next Christmas
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I don't know how old your grandmother is, but, based on experience, some seniors do get confused or behave irrationally, so you have to keep your sense of humor.
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Early 70's and the rest of my family admitted she was wrong. She is far from senile I can tell you that she's one of those "hip" grandma's with her cellphone,computer, and expensive car.
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