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Throwaway Kitty

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This is Leo He lives with my mother now. He started out belonging to a neighbor woman who decided she didn't want a cat any longer and refused to let him inside again. So he went next door to a young couple who had him for a couple of weeks and decided they didn't like having the responsibility of a cat so back outside he went.

Then he shows up on mom's patio. Needless to say, after a couple of days he convinced her that he really was an indoor cat. He doesn't like being outside at all. He is almost a year old and the most loveable guy. He loves nothing better than being pet. Well, except for playing like a kitten

He hasn't convinced the 14 yr old Queen of the Universe Cat (Pookie) that he is a good thing to have around, but he's working on it Tennesee, my sister's cat, is also staying with mom. He and Leo get along wonderfully.

How could anyone in their right mind toss this guy out?

with sister-in-law

Here is Tennesee. He was way back in the closet while all of us invaded his home today Pookie was under the bed so no pics of her.
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Aw! Is she going to keep him for good? I she does, he sounds like a love ball. I love his silver toned fur, it looks shimmery!
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Omg!! black nose!! orange eyes!!! satin paws!! i'm in luurve
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He is gorgeous!!!
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People who toss away an animal they don't want are pieces of you know what. When you take on an animal you take on the responsibility of being it's provider and it's protector. Tossing it because it is an inconvenience is the lowest thing you can do to an animal. Kudos to your Mom for being a loving soul! God smiles on people like her.
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The third picture of him is completely I's like he's saying "it's about time I'm inside, geez!" Leo is a complete doll...and are those white paw bottoms I spy or is it just the light?
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Thanks all I agree, people can be the lowest. Mom is going to keep him (whether Pookie likes it or not )

He is solid gray but reflects silverish in the light. When you hold him and stroke him, he really leannnsssss into it. If you stroke his head, he leans all the way back trying to get every bit of the experience. Such a loverboy.
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Leo is adorable!! And Tennessee looks like my Lilly!!
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We have one of those too, poor little guys. It's hard to imagine what they go through.
And what a sweet face! It's good that he's found a someone to love him at last.
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OMG - what a BEAUTIFUL love!

PLEASE call the ASPCA to report your neighbor. I don't know your local laws, but here at least people can be banned from owning animals for 2 or 3 years. I know it's not enforcable - but people need to learn that is NOT ok! (Though of course he's obviously going to have a much better life with your family! )

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What a beautiful boy! I'm so glad that your mom took him in and is giving him a chance at a better forever home. He's gorgeous!
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He is gorgeous, and sounds like such a sweet boy! Kudos to your mum for keepin him
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That is such a lucky cat Thats wonderful how he has a forever home now!
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Leo is beautiful. I'm so happy he found your mom. Give her a hug! I will never understand how people can just throw animals out. He seems like a real sweetheart. I'll bet he knows how lucky he is and is grateful for it.

I wish my Bella would act a little more grateful! I saved her butt from the kill shelter, but she's the biggest diva EVER! That's okay. I love her despite all her attitude.
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Wat a cutie pie, and reminds me so much of Blue Except for the fact that shes gain a little bit of weight ! But anywho, he is so gorgeous he sounds like such a sweetheart!

Tennessee is such a beauty as well
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