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Second Cat???

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I have a year and a half old bengal cat who is very used to having my full attention. Recently he has started meowing constantly if I'm not playing with him. He also will not leave me alone in the early morning. He wants to play at 3AM!

Would a playmate help????
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Do you think something may be wrong with him, or something happened all of a sudden? Is he neutered yet? If he's neutered, been checked by a vet, and there's no other out of the ordinary behavior then maybe he would enjoy a playmate. Now, remember that if you bring another kitty home, he may not be very happy about it at first.It usually takes days to months for cats to adjust to each other
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Thanks Sandy! Is there anyone who started with one cat and introduced a playmate later?
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Hi Tracie,

I see that you have also posted the same question in another thread. Please check the link that I posted there and my reply there. I wouldn't consider a second cat until your kitty has been checked by the vet. Then, if everything is ok, you should first work on lowering his stress levels and modifying his behavior (see the link I posted there). The fact that he started this kind of behavior only now indicates to me there is either a medical problem or that he is stressed out for some reason. Either way, this wouldn't be a good time to introduce a new cat into your household. Introducing a second cat is a positive thing for most cats (though not all) but it can also be a very stressful time.

You may also want to check this article about introducing a new cat:
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