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It's the simplest things at Christmas

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I have long been interested in the history of this area, especially the old river towns, steamboats, and the railroad.

Today we were all gathered at my parent's for Christmas dinner, and my BIL told me to come out to his truck, he had something for me. He has been maintenance supervisor for the regions medical facilities for nearly 30 years, and he was present when they closed the old BG Hospital and turned it into offices. During the renovation, hundreds of old photos were taken off the walls and simply thrown away. It turns out, he had found 1 box of them, and took it home and put it in his garage. Today, he finally remembered it and had brought it to give to me.

I'm sorry about the quality of these pictures, but they are pictures of pictures, because I don't want to take the old photos out of their frames....but they are fantastic

There are dozens of them, these are but a few; they will definitely hang in places of honor about the house

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Those are so cool! I love old photographs.
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That's extremely cool!

I like looking at the old ones in the pub near Tristans home. It used to be a gold mining town and there's just something awe inspiring when you can imagine what it would've been like 1 or 2 hundred years ago
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Those are wonderful photos -- I'm so glad your friend rescued at least a few of them! It's a crime when anyone throws away history like that.
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Those are awesome!! I love old photos!!
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That's so great that he rescued some! I can't believe that they just threw them all away like that. You'd think they'd at least donate them to the library or something!
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Yoiu might consider getting copies of them to the Warren County Library for their history or genealogy sections. (I have ancestors from Allen County).
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I love old buildings - I hate to see history being destroyed - I am glad that you got those photos, I especially like the first one, I like to get an idea of what the town looked like.
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those are great pics. i bet you where happy to have gotten those.

I used to talk to a guy that was part of the cleveland air races,
he gave me some old pics of cleveland-Hopkins Airport, back when it was a dirt field. There is even pic of him and Jimmie Dolittle., and the famous gee bee aircraft. Why he never had those framed they are a part of history.
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Those are so cool! There used to be a bar in downtown La Crosse that had the neatest photos of the city. It's gone now, and I often wonder what happened to the historic photos they had up.
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