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I am still having trouble getting Dixie to eat dog food, she will eat a little of the soft canned food, but i have bought several different kinds of dry and she will not eat it. Now, she will eat cat cookies out of the litterbox (yuk), leaves in the yard, sticks, socks, and anything else i dont want her to, but i can not get her to eat her food. I am starting to gain a collection of dog food she refuses to eat(which isnt tragic because my boys outside will eat almost anything). Roman suggested getting this food, its almost 8 dollars for about a weeks supply and its all soft. I dont remember the name of it, but it comes in little plastic pouches, but i dont wanna buy something that expensive to find out she wont eat it either. Now onto the part i am most confused about. I looked into making my own dog food. Everyone says not to feed her human food because its bad for dogs, but isnt that what homemade dog food is made from? Any ideas? BTW, she isnt loosing any weight and is healthy, but this is driving me insane!

A thought i had, was to soften the dry dog food with milk and grind it in the food processor? Is this a bad idea?
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what breed or size is Dixie?? How old is Dixie?? What brands have you tried??
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Dixie is a mini aussie, who is 5 months old. I have tried puppy chow, kibbles and bits, ol' roy (2 different ones), alpo come and get it dog food, iams puppy and something the guy at our local feed mill recomended but i dont have the bag to get the name because i gave it to my brother for his new Rotty.
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Do you have access to a pet store???

Nutro( i would suggest ultra)
Natural balence
Chicken soup
Solid gold
California natural

all are high quality food s

* hint * a mini aussie and a rotti likely SHOULD NOT be eating the same food
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I really like nutro!!!! I have a long haired Chihuahua and that breed is known for being finicky about their food. He eats the nutro very well and I buy Nutro Ultra. It's very good for them and it's not as expensive as you would think!

I wouldn't recomend ol' roy or kibbles in bits. For the most part, any dog food/cat food you can find at Wal-Mart is not high quality.

Also keep in mind, read the ingredients. Even Science Diet is crap sometimes. If corn or rice is the first ingredient I would stay away from it.

I think if you tried some good quality food you will find your dog will eat it! At least that's how Thor was!
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My dogs do well on Chicken Soup, and my only picky eater loves it (the rest of the dogs aren't picky in the least way).
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