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Favorite cat expressions.

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What are your favorite kitty facial expressions and body language?

My Sateycat is black and he has this utterly delicate patch of skin right under his bottom lip where the hair is very thin and the pinkish-grey skin shows through. It's so sweet. When he is relaxed it puffs out ever so slightly. It's just so delicate and sweet.

I also like when my cat smells something new and he's running it over his Jacobson's organ. You all know the look: mouth slightly open, nose slighly wrinkled.

I also love when my cat is feeling a new person out, and he gives them his (pardon my language) "eat sh*t look." This never fails to make me laugh.
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I would have to say the "I'm ready to pounce" look.. it kills me everytime! Oliver especially because he is not really good at the descrete part of it yet! He gets down on his tummy and starts wiggling his butt at Mach 8 and the look in his eyes! It's pure evil! LOL I just love it!
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Originally posted by Berleen
I would have to say the "I'm ready to pounce" look..
Playful cat expresions are always so darling! Even my huge Sateycat can look like a kitten when he's ready to play!
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I love it when my Wylie lays down and prepairs to take a nap. He has a peaceful expression on his face, and he crosses his front paws over each other and props his head on them.
Cruella gets this excited look whenever she looks out the window and that tail just flicks back and forth. Once she was looking out and a deer walked by. She totally freaked out. Her hair stood out and the tail fluffed up, she growled and then ran and hid under the bed.
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Sleeping! I totally forgot about that one! Oliver lays down flat as a pancake.....lol. One of these days I'm going to have my camera handy when he does this! Big Boy you can tell is sleeping no matter where he is in the house... he snores! And Serena does what you expalined, folding the paws so neatly
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Cats are so fun to watch. My cats have all have very different expressions and quirks, but the best is the few who when relaxed..the tips of thier tounges hang out..LOL
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