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Good Goodwill deals

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How many here shop at thrift stores? (Disclaimer: I know I just posted a long post about the virtues of decluttering! LOL)

We have a new Goodwill nearby. (And I used to live across the street from one.) I resisted buying clothing, though, until recently. I'm not into fashion, and I have to admit: I felt funny wearing used clothing, at least the top parts--I was squeamish about someone else's armpits touching...never mind. However, I've been trying to find decent skirts for winter, especially a longer, full, denim skirt. I found one, new with tags, for $5.50! It fits perfectly. I really don't like the current styles, and don't like showing a lot of my body--and tight styles aren't the best on me. It's hard to find a nice pull-over sweater, too. All seem to be solid colors. Anyway, I found a few new with tags ones. Most were on sale that week, 1/2 off--$2.50 each. I also bought a $4.25 memership discount card. I also found a lovely Jones of New York sweater dress--on sale, $2.50! Almost new-looking, too, and looks great on me--not clingy, but not baggy, either. Supposedly dry-clean only, but I washed it. I found a pretty, challis paisley skirt.

On to the Christmas sale area: (yes, I know I just posted about staying away from thrift stores): everything was 1/2 off. I controlled myself, and bought:

1. Two Alpine trees, one 6ft, the other 5 ft. -- $3.50 & $3.00 each. I've been eyeing them for a few years in the craft stores. The taller one went on the porch, with clear lights. The other went on the upstairs landing, in the corner, with clear lights. As they are slim-line, they won't take much storage space. I also found a large, round table. I needed one to out a tabletop tree on in the study. A bit pricey, but still cheaper than the store, at $9.00. (Will also use after Christmas.)

2. Some pretty, almost-new Christmas tins, and a nice papier-mache box, shaped like a Christmas tree. I use these for packaging treats for co-workers. For less than .50 each, you can't beat it.

3. I found a pretty, cranberry-colored dress for Christmas Eve church services. (That's what I went in for.). It has a velour, turtleneck bodice, and an A-line matching cordouroy skirt. $4.50.

4. A navy-blue, leather coat, for $9.50. In excellent shape, the buttons just needed to be tightened (DH did this for me--he does leather-work.) It fits beautifully, and is so soft. I wanted a lighter-weight winter (short) coat that wasn't casual, and would look nice with dresses.

I've decided to try to live more frugally in 2008. Frankly, I like the clothing styles in Goodwill better than a lot of store clothing nowadays, so I think I'll look there before buying clothes elsewhere.

I found a blog that people post pics of awful or weird stuff they find in thrift stores:
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Oh, I LOVE the Goodwill! I've gotten some great deals on sweaters and jeans and they are in great shape, most still had the tags on them. When I first moved into my first apartment my entire kitchen was outfitted from there. It was sad though that the highlight of my weekend was going to Goodwill.
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I LOVE Goodwill. We usually go every Saturday when things are 1/2 off. It's the highlight of my week, LOL.
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Don't feel bad--it's my highlight, too!

I kind of like the idea of "recycling" stuff through shopping 2nd-hand. (And donating my purged items--I don't feel as bad, as I paid so little for them, and they are going to a good cause). It's taken me decades to finally come to the conclusion that we buy too much stuff, and trash it, and fill up landfills with it. The past few months, I've been trying to re-use existing stuff, and disposing of it in a better manner. For example, I use the fireplace a lot. I burn junk mail, credit card stuff, catalogs, etc. in it. Heat, trash disposal, and enjoyment, rolled into one. I also burn the cardboard tubes that paper towels and toilet paper come on. For Christmas wrapping, I'm using up all the existing paper, and probably won't buy any more; I'll try to use gift bags; if you handle them with care, you can use them for years. I also re-purposed some garlands I don't use--plastic snowflakes on a string looked pretty on blue paper. The same with ribbon. I'm not a very "green" person, but I'm trying! Besides, it's fun to think up creative re-purposing things. And cheaper than buying new stuff.

My New Year's resolution is to try and save more money, both by the obvious way of allocating x-# of dollars into savings, but also buy using up stuff, or buying it 2nd-hand.
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We have a very large Goodwill in my city and I've been meaning to go there and check it out, this might just be the push I need!
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I love the goodwill, but we dont have one nearby I do go to a second hand shop though, which carries little kids clothes And they have some very cute things in there!!
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i too love recyceling used stuff like that, there is an online community where you list stuff for FREE and if someone needs it they can email back and request it, and if you have stuff you want you can list it also. Pets are often listed as well. (pm me if you need the link as i am still unsure of link posting rules) Most everything i own has come to me second hand. In fact thats how i found Dixie, lol. I love second hand stores, and i have to admit something, i am the dumpster diving queen. Why throw it away to end up in a landfill if someone else can use it? On weekends garage sales are my target.
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I love thrift stores & can even get lucky at garage sales. I finally got to wear a cute little jacket thing today that I found at a garage sale for a dollar & even got a compliment on it!
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We have an awesome Goodwill near us- we go once in a while! I love it- i've found lots of great deals on good stuff there
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I love shopping at thrift stores! Instead of Goodwill I go to Unique (has anyone ever been there? It's wonderful ). I can always manage to find something and it's fun to see what deals you can find. I also love garage saling, perhaps evn more than thrift store shopping since its outdoors. There's just so much you can find and the possibility of getting something that's exactly what you need for cheap is exciting.

Like they say, one man's junk is another's treasure!
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We give to Goodwill more then buy, but we both have gotten jeans and a few tops once in awhile I don't mind looking and picking out a pair of pants or new sweater/blouse. Got a really nice cream color "dressy" blouse for church the other week and a red solid sweater too.
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I go to Savers (thrift store) for almost all my clothes. I donate a lot to various charities, also. I think I saw a coat I donated at Savers - it was fairly unique, so the chances are good it was the same one.

My cats eat off classy thrift store plates.
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Originally Posted by MargeCat View Post
For Christmas wrapping, I'm using up all the existing paper, and probably won't buy any more; I'll try to use gift bags; if you handle them with care, you can use them for years.
When I was growing up, we had certain "special" boxes that we reused every year. If you wrap the top and bottom separately, they will last forever, as long as you are careful, and let the other person know to not rip the paper and just take off the lid. My dad always got his "special" present in his box...the same one he got his present in the first year my parents were married, and that lasted for 40 years! It was the ugliest box (wrapping from 1962, but with the original tag), but it was the idea and the tradition. I had my own. It had Santa's on it and they used that for almost 20 years.

I don't know if wrapping paper made now could last that long, but it is a nice tradition. Unfortunately, all the pre-wrapped boxes accidently got thrown out when I was cleaning out my parents house. I miss my Santa box.
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