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my cat is constantly scratching himself and is going bald

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well... she not my cat only i dont know who the owner is and she wont leave me alone.

She's a siamese cat and she is constantly scratching and as a result she is going bald. I have tried a flea colar but that seemed to have no effect.

Can someone please sugguest something i can try?

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Is the cat in your house?

If it's fleas you should be able to see the fleas if you look for them, or get a flea comb and see if there are any fleas or flea dirt.

If it is fleas I would give the cat a fleabath and then get her on a monthly preventative (I use Frontline). If she's in your house you will probably have to treat the house as well.
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i have looked at her skin many times and havent noticed any fleas.
Although perhaps i might follow your advice to make sure.

could there be another reason perhaps?
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Doesn't mean the fleas aren't there. Or biting her if she is outside. Or that she is not having an allergic reaction to them.

Are there any other signs of hair loss? Crusty patches on her skin? Etc. Sounds like she needs to be seen by a vet. if she is a stray, try contacting the local Humane Society to see if they offer medical care or where they can recommend for a lo-cost exam/treatment, since she is not your cat and is possibly lost or a stray. If she keeps scratching out all her fur, she is at risk for a secondary bacterial infection and then there will be a bigger problem.

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im not too sure about crusty patches etc. However she does have what looks like very small cuts in a few places. I think your right, i should perhaps take her to a vet or the RSPCA (authority).

Thanks for your help.
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And no flea collars, please. The chemicals in them are good for our furries. They can also cause problems for them.
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Welcome to TCS and bless you for taking care of that cat! It could be ringworm, too; you might try treating the open areas with an antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin (not the one with pain killer, just the triple antibiotics in a petroleum jelly base).
I would definitely take off the flea collar - the chemicals can only hurt. If it was fleas, you could try bathing her in a weak salt solution - the salinity dries the fleas out. Most cats don't like a complete dunking, so you might try a wet wash cloth on her instead.
There are commercial flea shampoos, but if her skin is irritated from something else, you could severely worsen the problem, esp. if it is dermatitis.
To soothe one spot, maybe you could apply some warm olive oil (not too much, so her fur doesn't get oily) or some vitamin E capsule and see if that helps that one area.
I hope that you can get her to the vet soon, so she can get some relief. Please keep us posted! Susan
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Those flea collars are bad if anything try Frontline.
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Any updates on the kitty's itching problem??? It could be ringworm, which can be contagious to humans, too, although it is treated with over-the-counter Lortramin.
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Maybe she's allergic to what your feeding her.
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Sebastian has a flea allergy. One bite and he scratches and loses fur. I have to treat him with Advantage regularly to make sure he doesn't get that one bite. Otherwise, its off to the vet for a cortisone shot

Hope this cat you love is doing better Please let us know how it goes.
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My cat at my parents house was doing this for some time. Finally when it got really bad we brought her to the vet and the vet gave us some medicine and it helped clear it up within days. I cannot remember the name of the medicine but he said it was some sort of hormone. Whenever she starts up again we'll give her a pill and it will immediately stop.

Hope you can figure out the problem.
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