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YAY!!!!!!!! Picked up my new Kitty today.

Here is the little boy!
His name is Mizer and he is 5 and half weeks old.
His mama stopped feeding him and did not clean him properly so he got an eye infection, the eye is clouded and gray.
The eye reacts to light but can not focus, giving him medicaments and drops now.
Doctor says there is a chance the eye might recover and if not an OP might be another option when he is older. I will keep him even with a cotton eye because he is the sweetest kitten and he deserves lots of love and a good home.
Other than that he is very healthy, strong and extremely cheerful.
He is used to humans more than to cats and eats like a monster (both premium dry and wet food)

his granddaddy is a beautiful ALC and grandmother a spotted STB show cat.

Mother looks wild, same es the ALC and daddy a beautiful STB marbled bengal who has seen some shows too

gradfather (did not open the cage coz he is a bit wild)

thats his mama

thats his daddy with his mothers half brother (ALC+american shorthair)

This group of cats are kept in a large room, with lots of toys and massive tree parts for climbing. They are all well socialized, the F1 and F2 will come to strangers and let them pet them (except the mother and the 2 ALC)

Sorry for the poor pics, was in hurry and took some snapshots but will make some nice Photos of Mizer this days and update!
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my 2 older cats Maya and Moogle (both 7 month) accepted lil Mizer the moment he stepped inside my home they are licking him and guiding him all the time.

Maya (10 weeks old), my other bengal is a bit pissed, he will take a couple of days to adjust, he only joined us 3 weeks ago and is a bit overprotective

Mizer has a great personality, he is following me around like a puppy and loves it to be hold. For 5 weeks he is already pretty much active and has a huge appetite and he loves to fall asleep with his feet in the water bowl..

He is not a big fan of cat milk, he eats dry kitten food but i also feed him with some premium wet food, he sooo loves it but needs to learn not to dive the bowl while eating, had to clean his head 3 times today.
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Awww!! Very cute, and spotty!!
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Mizer is just gorgeous

Can't wait to hear more of his mischief behavior
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Mizer is adorable! I just love the pics of him on his back.
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Originally Posted by Randis View Post

I LOVE this picture! By the way, what does it say?
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He is a cutie
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in a cute way "so tired..."
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Wow, they are beautiful!
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He's so precious
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He is adorable!!
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O my, so precious, so gorgeous He is just soo precious

Those pictures are all so wonderful
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thanks everyone! I passed the love to Mizer, he sure was happy
Today i got up early (well i get up every 4 h at night to give him the drops anyway) will go to a tiger farm yay! can cuddle real tiger kittens :P
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He looks like a little tiger!!!!!!!! And his mom looks wicked! I don't think I would be petting her any time soon
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Thanks everyone!

here some snapshots i took yesterday

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I love that last picture of him laying flat on his back with his cute little tummy exposed. What a precious little guy.
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Forgive my ignorance, but what does F1, F2 and ALC mean?
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Originally Posted by Spyral View Post
Forgive my ignorance, but what does F1, F2 and ALC mean?
ALC is an Asian Leopard Cat (It's the wild cat that is used to in the breeding of Bengals.

F1-The first generation away from the ALC. One parent is an ALC and the other is usually a domestic Bengal, which is an F4 and over.

F2-One parent is an F1 and the other is a Domestic Bengal.

Most people own SBT Bengals, which are F4 and over and they are completely domesticated. By the time you get to the SBT stage, it is Bengal on Bengal breeding. My 2 Bengals, Simba and Angel are both SBT Domesticated Bengals.
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What a cutie! Great pictures
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