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Goooooooooooood morning and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
We just got done unwrapping all the gifts..we started at about 7:30am..the kids had a blast and now its time for brekkie

I got a nice wok, some new luggage, a cd gift cert, towels and a new cordless phone


Have a great day everyone!
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Merry Christmas, everyone!

Just getting ready to take mom her gifts and then we are heading to sister's for a big meal and seeing other relatives.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Just getting ready to take mom her gifts and then we are heading to sister's for a big meal and seeing other relatives.
Have fun with your family Jan!!
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Merry Christmas Jan & Nat!! and everyone else!!

Hubby and I were up early to do the last minute clean ups in the house. My mom & dad should be here shortly

DH gave me an early Christmas present last night. A brand new comforter set designed by Ty Pennington. I love it!! He did good

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Merry Christmas to all!!

I will be going to my Mom's house later this afternoon for some fun, food and family time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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I am the only one awake so far,lol....we are going to my moms for lunch after bit, Then possibly to DH cousin's later today.

Hope everyone has a super and safe day!!
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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just waiting for David's kids to get here, we are making breakfast and then opening gifts then later having dinner here!! So far it has been a Redskins Christmas for me Oh and I got a video thingy so I can watch the cats when I am not home!!!Have a GREAT day Everyone!
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Wow, you all open gifts LATE! My neices woke us up at like 6am!
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Merry Christmas everyone! We're not having Christmas until later this afternoon. My daughters are juggling multiple families. It seems kind of strange but that's life, I guess!
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Morning and Merry Christmas!!!

We opened our gifts last night after we all got off work. Today we are doing the family thing at 1 with the grandparents and all.

I got a new mouse pad with all the kitties on it!!!! Dh got me coffee mugs with all the kitties on them too. He's such a great man! The mugs are so pretty I put them in my curio instead of my cabinets! LOL! I got lots of other things too but those meant the world to me!

The kitties got new mousies, a ball thingy that has stuff to scratch in the middle of it and the ball goes around it, cat nip, a sisal board that sits on the floor, a toy wand with pretty red birds on it, and a can of tuna for the holidays (divided in 6).

Well I better go and get ready to leave. Have a great day!
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Afternoon All!

The kitties and I just finished getting everything in the oven for Christmas Dinner and now we are just going to relax and watch TV.

Slept until almost 11 this morning which is a miracle, guess letting me sleep late was the kitties Christmas present to me.

Merry Christmas everyone
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The presents are all open (except for one for me that mom left back at home!!)

Installed my scanner and did a test photo!!

Got lots of great gifts and so did the rest of my family.

Now resting up from my breakfast and will start on Christmas dinner in a few hours.

My sisters cat Pounce is having fun with his Wisconsin cousins.

Have a great Christmas day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good Afternoon everyone! Merry Christmas!

Mom and DH let me sleep in today which was nice of them. I was throwing up from 11-1am from the fish I had. I am afraid to eat today

Enjoy you holidays!
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Merry Christmas everyone! Holden woke me up around 7am by head-butting me. I got up and fed him and then gave him his toys. He is making quite a racket in the kitchen chasing the toys around! Hope everyone has a great day. I am heading to my warehouse to work on the race car.
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Was up at 6:30 and opened presents..I got a Nice leather pocket book and new red razor cell phone,platform bird feeder,police scanner, slippers a flannel night gown. ..The best was watching my granddaughter open her Xmas presents, Shes almost 6 months old and she liked the wrapping paper and boxes better then what was inside! The cats also had a ball in the paper.
Spiral hams in the oven and family coming over for a big Xmas dinner at around 3ish. Pheww and the days only half over.
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Poor Gary has the flu! We had absolutely no plans this year - my family's down in AL and his mom's in Chicago, but she visited recently. Normally we cook and take HEAPS of food to friends - but we just wanted a quiet holiday this year. THIS, however, is a little quieter than we'd expected! I'm in bed with Gary - I'm reading a Ms. Murphy novel while he moans and naps, poor baby.

Enjoy your prezzies and Christmas Dinners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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well the kids got up at 6:30 not bad. last year it was 5. the present are opened , the mess is cleaned up, I put the turkey in the oven, the best I got was from my Son William, He bought me a Tim Hortons gift card, William saves all of his money ,will not spend a penny. He asked his Dad to take him to tim Horton's ,to buy my gift card, and insisted on paying for it himself , with his own money. He had the biggest smile on his face, when he gave it to me. I gave him the biggest hug. sometimes he is such a sweet boy.
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Merry Christmas! We opened presents last night. We had an early "dinner" for three, including Jamie (roast duck and potato dumplings for us, tuna for him), because hubby had to leave for work at noon. I joined the in-laws in the afternoon. There was the usual argument between my b-i-l's wife and my m-i-l. The kids and in-laws liked their presents. We got a very nice framed portrait of the kids.
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