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Need Help - 6mo old kitten has cold, now drooling

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My 6mo old kitty caught a cold a couple of days ago, just some sneezing. I just noticed an hour ago that she's now drooling. I live out in the boondocks, It's Christmas Eve so the couple of vets within 30 miles of us will not be open until Wed. Is there some kind of home remedy that can treat this and keep her okay until something opens up after the holiday? I'm writing this at 2:51am Christmas morn, I really need help - some kind of answers please.
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I've just tried giving her a steambath in the bathroom but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. I opened up a can of tuna for her and she ate a little of that but I haven't seen her drink water yet throughout the night. She's drooling clear spitum and it happens on and off at least a few times an hour for about 10+minutes. She still runs around/has energy. She is still stuffy from her cold though - along with the drooling. Does anyone have any idea what I can do for her until the vet opens on Wednesday?
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I'm sorry to hear about your kitten's URI. Unfortunately I don't have any answers for you; hopefully someone else will. I would have suggested a steambath, but you did that already. Maybe try it again, making it as hot as possible and leaving her in the bathroom for longer?

I've read elsewhere (at sites that aren't necessarily reputable) about applying a small amount of Vick's/Baby Vick's on top of the nose, but I DON'T know for sure if that product is cat safe and so I would NOT recommend using it.

It sounds like you plan to take her to the vet tomorrow, which is definitely the right thing to do. She needs an evaluation and presumably antibiotics.

In the meantime, the most important thing is to try to get her to eat and drink as much as possible. I would guess that she is drooling because she is forced to breathe through her mouth since her nose is all clogged up. Cats rely in their acute sense of smell when it comes to eating, but since her nasal passages are blocked (and she's feeling under the weather) it is likely that she will be much less interested in food. Cats should not go more than 24 hours without eating, so please try to ensure that that does not happen. Using stinky foods like tuna (which you wisely did) is a tried and true approach. Warming it up is also beneficial.
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Well, I was going to suggest a steamy bathroom, but if you've already done that, I don't think there's much else you can do unless you look for an emergency vet and give them a call. The drooling worries me tho...just make sure that she's eating moist food if you have no other choice and can't reach an E-vet.
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Thank you so much for your reply. I am very worried about her and as we live in a very rural area we haven't very many options for a vet. I will check online about the vicks. I was also told about benadryl (a very small amount) but the bitterness of the medicine make a cat drool alot and my poor kitty BeBe has already got plenty of that going on right now.
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If possible and you have a vaporizer, confine her to one room and run the vaporizer non-stop. Put a small dab of Vick's on the top of her nose out of reach of her tongue. Get some wet food, add a teaspoon or so of water to it (mix water with the food) and heat in the microwave for about 15 sec. If she won't eat wet food, boil some chicken in a pan of water, shred it and see if she'll eat that. If all else fails, try meat baby food, stage 2, without onions and garlic.

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