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Boogie Mat!

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I dunno if this is the right spot for this... please move if needed!

So we've got a new favorite toy! Every year on Christmas Eve, the guy who lives next to us leaves presents for my dog, Cuddles, and Oliver on the back deck from him, his dog DJ (my dog's "boyfriend") and his orange tabby Roy (the pets are all my neighbor has, family-wise... he brings my dog over to his yard every day to play with his dog)... so we got the annual gifts today and Oliver's gifts included a boogie mat - O. M. G. Oliver looooooooooves it!

Here's a link to the Holiday ones at Foster and Smith

His isn't a Holiday one though - it's blue and yellow and has cats and mice on it... Oliver's always been pretty particular about the type of catnip he reacts to, so I wasn't sure how he'd like this, but he went CRAZY! He was attacking it and rolling on it and would bunch it up in his front paws and bunnykick with his back feet it's great to watch! He kept taking breaks and then coming back to play with it all night (I don't plan on leaving it out all the time) not long ago, we had put it away and he went over to the gift bag it came in and started pawin at it with this crazed look like "mama, I need my fix! Hit me up with the niiiipppp!" So he should sleep well tonight while he waits for santa paws to come fill his stocking, haha

He also got treats and a door dangler, but he hasnt paid them too much attention yet since he's addicted to the boogie mat, lol
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My cats all LOVE the boogie mat!
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I just gave Zoe a boogie mat last night(we open 1 gift on Christmas Eve) too and she loves it as much as Oliver does....she's sooo funny rolling around and pulling it on top of her.
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Someone want to explain to me what a boogie mat is so I dont have to read the article?? I want to know if my kitties would like it also since they are catnip FEENDS!!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Someone want to explain to me what a boogie mat is so I dont have to read the article?? I want to know if my kitties would like it also since they are catnip FEENDS!!
It's just a picture, (not really an article) which explains it all.

My cats have several and love them. Especially with fresh catnip in them!
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It's a colorful mat with a zipper on the side, and you can put catnip inside it.
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The Boogie Mats have been a huge hit here. I actually think it's the special catnip that comes with them. Jamie has two, and I got some for the shelter cats (not enough, so I had to get more).
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My cats love their Boogie mat too. They go crazy with rabbit-kicking it and drooling.

That's really sweet of your neighbour to give gifts to your pets!
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Yeah, we've always exchanged xmas gifts... like I said, he has no family, so the pets are his family - they're what he spends his excess money on (what little he's got that is)... when I was little, he'd get me like something Barbie or a stuffed animal for xmas with the pets presents...

Ollie is still lovin his mat! I put it away when I go to work and he waits for me to come home and take it out! Tonite it was out in the living room and my mom and I were eating dinner in front of the tv, so I was on the floor, which meant the dog was laying in front of me - her tail was laying on his boogie mat so he went and laid on the mat next to her tail and she wagged it when I showed her food so he pawed her tail haha, it was so funny (fyi: they co-habitate really... not the best of friends haha so it's not like the snuggle up or anything)... it's basically the closest they've gotten other than him bopping her on the nose
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I gotta get one! Thanks for the review. Adding that to the list along with Da Bird
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