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Tastier leftovers?

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Seb refuses to eat any "leftover" food out of a can. I want to give him half in the morning and the other half at night, but he turns up his nose at anything that has been refrigerated.

I even nuke it for a few seconds to warm it up, but nope. Is there any way to make the leftover tastier for him?

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bonito or tuna flakes can help.... for Kandie i used to use a touch of wildside salmon
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This might sound silly... but have you ever tried not microwaving? Chase won't eat wet that has been microwaved.

I've heard of quite a few kitties that prefer it warmed up with a little hot water mixed in instead, too.. Chase isn't one of those cats though, so I can't speak for how well it works myself.
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Mixing in hot water often helps, or you can put the food in a container, and float the container in some hot water. That way, it heats more evenly. If all else fails, you might be able to make a bit of gravy or use tuna or clam juice in small quantities to entice the kitty to eat.
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I solved my "leftover" and "food left in the bowl" problem by purchasing a small personal blender. I mix 1 or 2 oz of canned food with enough hot tap water to make a sauce. The cat loves it and I save money purchasing 6oz cans instead of 3oz cans. The amount of "sauce" disposed of is minimal compared to the dried and/or leftover food I used to have to throw away.
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