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So Upset I could CRY!

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So at my work they let everyone in the department go home early, anywhere from and hour to up to four hours early. . .

They refuse to let me go home! Just because it is "first come first serve" . . . What they have done is so so unfair.

I am so upset. All of my family is together having dinner, and everyone else in this department is home with their family, and here I sit, alone, with me and my computer. . . till eleven o'clock tonight. . .

I am so so so upset. . .
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Awww..... that really sucks! I'm so sorry you're stuck at work when everyone else got to go home.

The best way to get back at them is to spend as much time as possible on TCS!

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I'm sorry you can't have dinner with your family.
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I'm sorry this happened to you. I know it isn't as good as being home with family but some things to help you until you go home.

here is a Christmas Tree (cat proof)

A stocking for the fireplace

Candy cane




And the rockettes

I'm sure when you get home, it will be a lovely Christmas.
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The cat proof christmas tree is deffinatley a plus! Thank you. . .
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Alone in the physical sense only - you are with us in spirit at TCS I hope that your family saves you leftovers from your favorite dishes!
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Hey... maybe watching some of these live
Christmas-tree webcams will help you stay in the spirit!
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I know its not the same as Christmas eve, but maybe they will let you go early on new years eve?

TCS will keep you company til 11
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Well, I ask for new years off well in advance. . . it is my anneversary, so I am sure to get it! Its just depressing being here and knowing everyone else is with their families! I have been printing out coloring book pages of christmas trees and playing christmas music. . . so i will get through. So thankful I have tomorrow off! and thankful you guys are here to talk to!
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I know it's hard to have to work and especially to be alone. But at least you have tomorrow off! I'm home alone tonight as my children are all with their in laws or one of them is 2000 miles away. It's ok.... just not what I imagined!
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but at leadt you are at home with your kitties! I dont even have them!

I could not imagine spending christmas away from my family. . . I would be so terribly miserable. I hope you see them soon!
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That sucks!

Here's something to cheer you up

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Thats life, but at least you get to go home, some have to work all night. And in some cases like doctors and nurses,they might have to work through the morning as well. At least you are able to use the works computer for none work activities.
Merry Christmas
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Oooh...and just think if you were having a BABY on Christmas. Yuck! LOL! It could be worse.
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Don't feel too badly. I have to work tonight Graveyard shift. I'll be at work all night long, all alone. I don't get off until 8am, then I have to go home in the morning, play around on the computer for a few, and then go to sleep and spend all day Christmas in bed, so that I can get up, go to work and spend Christmas Night at work, once again, all alone. I rarely get a Holiday off. I work almost all of them. The only way I get a Holiday off is if it falls on a Friday or a Saturday.
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Oh hun that's awful - I'm sorry I didn't see this thread earlier What has happened to people's Chistmas spirit these days?! I hope Christmas day is kinder to you.
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Just a hug from here to cheer you up.
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I have to work today, too. I had yesterday and Sunday off, but those are my regularly scheduled hours. Unless you asked well in advance, you work your regular shift. I worked last year, ans we did not do squat all day. I think I had 4 calls. That's ok, $19 an hour kinda takes the sting out of it.
We are not "Christmassy" kind of people, and my girls are gone to Alabama for Christmas, so it all works out for me.
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I get to work today.

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Originally Posted by u8myufo View Post
in some cases like doctors and nurses,they might have to work through the morning as well.
Yep. We have to work either Christmas or New Years, and each year it's alternated, so that you can't take Christmas off every year. And when they say you have to work Christmas, it's not just Christmas Day, it's also Christmas Eve and Boxing Day (day after Christmas). As compensation the hospital has a Christmas dinner in the cafeteria that is free for staff and $5.00 for non staff. Lots of staff ask their families to come meet them for lunch or dinner so that they can spend 1 hour of the day with them.

I don't usually do anything special on Christmas, so if I am off those days I usually trade shifts with someone with kids, and work those days, in exchange they work New Years for me. Plus I get all of that overtime pay! Which I don't mind at all
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I hope you had a good Christmas when you finally got home. What did you mean by "first come first serve"? Is it based on seniority, or who came in first? Either way, I'm sorry you had to spend Christmas eve by yourself. I usually ended up working Christmas eve when I still lived at home, but we really didn't have any holiday traditions growing up for that night until midnight mass. Mainly Christmas eve was spent madly finishing cleaning the house, mopping up the kitchen floor now that all the baking was done, and shoving all the christmas storage boxes back in the attic. I was QUITE happy to get out of that!
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My darling Rachel....there were many factors that made this Christmas very "odd"...

you were not there
Tommy and family were not there
no parade

All of our "traditions" were not there this year...except for pops antipasta salad but we didnt have it till Christmas day.

You were definitly there in my mind and in my heart at dinner.

Love you!
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