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Rosie, Sophie and Jack

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Let's look to see who sent us cards Jack

Oooooh look theres Aunty Helens Mario down there!

Leave the cards alone Jack or i'll bite you!

Were just looking at the cards mum!!

Wanna fun fight Jack?

See santa on the floor?. He chewed the string in half this morning in less than 10 minutes!!

My dainty little girl Sophie

Mum i look stupid in this

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OMG - too funny - and too precious!

My GOODNESS is Jack going to be a big kitty! Look at how long those legs are! And I counted at least two pictures where Rosie's not talking. (I think she's too upset with the Santa hat in the second pic!)

Poor Sophie looks like she missed all the fun.

Merry Christmas!

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Awww Susan....
these pictures of Rosie, Sophie and Jack could not be sweeter.
Merry Christmas
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Great photo's again Susan!!!

I notice that Sophie appears to be 'the good one'
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Those are great holidays photos of the kitties!
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Great pictures!
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Great pics as usual Susan Could Jacks legs be any longer He's HUGE And Sophie forever the lady is just beautiful I LOVE the last pics of Rosie
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That last pic of Rosie is classic. She doesn't even have the "you'll pay for this!" look on her face. Just resignation that this will occur every year and you will photograph her humiliation.
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How nice of everyone to send Rosie, Jack and Sophie Christmas cards!
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I love pictures of your furchildren SO much!

Wish them all a Very Merry from their American cousins!
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Mery Christmas to you and your babies!! Rosie finally wore her Sanata hat She looks sooooo cute!!! They all are so precious, as always
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There's my Rosie! She always puts a smile on my face!
Sophie is such a lady. Boy Jack has gotten really big!
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Excellent pictures. I got one of those Santa hats for Holden, he looked at me like, "You're kidding, right?" He wouldn't stand still for me.
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Great pics, Susan!!
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Hey Susan Jack actually looks innocent to me Did they leave those cards alone? Or did you have to put them up more then once
Rosie you look perfect in that Santa hat And Miss Sophie looks Sweet as can be.
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Aww...they do love their Christmas cards, don't they!
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Too cute! I love Rosie's santa hat
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Jack's such a darling, so handsome! Rosie and Sophie are as cute and cuddly as ever. Man, what I wouldn't give to spend X'mas with your three gorgeous kitties!
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Wow, your cats are gorgeous! Always look forward to seeing photos of your cats
Rosie is our favorite, that face is soooo adorable! : She has the cutest expressions!
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Awww, I love Rosie's hat
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There are those cuties, and that very expressive girl I just enjoy seeing pics of ur kits they are all so expressive and have such fun I cant believe how big Jack is now last time I seen pics he was just a baby! They are all soo cute
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shame shame putting hats on cute harmless little kitties
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
Hey Susan Jack actually looks innocent to me Did they leave those cards alone? Or did you have to put them up more then once
The cards are about the only thing he's not touched. I was only in bed 10 minutes last night when he and Sophie decided on a game of late night chase, then CRASH!!. I went running downstairs and there was my lamp on the floor in bits!

Still, the sales are on so i've got a new lamp now
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Your sweeties were just helping their Mum redecorate Susan.
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Great pictures Susan!
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