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Can you register a CFA kitten with TICA?

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I am new to show stuff and I have a question... If you have a purebred kitten registered with CFA, is there a way to apply for TICA registration, or do the parents have to be TICA to get TICA registration? I tried looking it up on TICA's website but I could not find that information in their registration info PDF or elsewhere...
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If you have a CFA registration you can register the cat/kitten in most other associations. Its just a little higher on the fees if the parents are not registered in the other association.

You might want to call TICA headquarters and ask them what forms you need and how much it would be. Some associations you will need a certified copy of the pedigree or at least list all the background cats WITH their registration numbers in CFA.

That's what I had to do with Charlie - he was only CFA registered and I wanted to also show him in ACFA - but had to get a complete copy/info of all the background cats - it was 3-4 generations of ancestors.
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It's easy to register a CFA cat in TICA. I have done it several times. You just complete the registration form and send in a copy of the CFA certified pedigree. Here is a link to the correct form.
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TICA are pretty good at dealing with that sort of thing (at least their UK/Europe section is!) I think there's a bit of form filling and papers/pedigree probably have to be sent off but I know plenty of people who have done it without too much bother, breeders included which involves registering the entire cattery from scratch!... best bet is to phone them up and ask about the process, again they're usually pretty helpful
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I printed out the TICA form but I'm a little confused. It says you need a registration certificate from the other association (CFA) showing proof that the cat is owned by the person making the application. I don't know how to get this certificate? I checked CFA's website but the only registration I could find listed there was a litter registration, and obviously the litter registration would be in the name of the breeder, not the person who is buying the cat.
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Ok, first you need to register the cat in your name in CFA - when you get that certificate, then copy it for TICA. I was assuming you had already done the CFA registration in your name. Do you have the "blue slip" from CFA to register your cat?
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Is the blue slip what the breeder gives you for registration? I haven't picked the kitten up yet so I don't have anything yet. She is coming home in about 2 weeks...
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Yes the blue slip is the registration papers you would send in to CFA after you pick out the name of your cat. Be sure the breeder's cattery name is first - sometimes its already printed in the boxes for you.

Are you buying your cat as a show cat?
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No, she can't be shown in CFA because she is a polydactyl Maine Coon, but I am hoping to show her in TICA's "New Traits" class (if I can figure out how that works!) I've been reading about it and apparently you can show poly Maine Coon's in that class only.
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Even if she can't be shown in CFA, they still should give you the blue slip. I'm assuming this cat will be neutered/spayed and not really bred?

I know that its not a thing the MC people want to encourage in breeding.

You might ask the breeder about the blue slip. Most times you would register the cat if you were showing it in championship or alter. If the breeder won't give you the blue slip cause of the polydactal reason, then you may not be able to register in TICA.
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This is from the TICA show rules:

Except as otherwise stated in this rule, judges shall penalize or disqualify,
depending upon severity, championship cats, non-championship kittens,
Advanced New Breeds (ANB), and New Traits Class (NT) [see TICA Standing
Rules 701.4.3], and shall penalize championship alters for the following:

216.12.2 Having more or less than five toes on each front foot and four on
each back foot unless proved to be the result of an injury or as authorized by
a Board approved standard."

I haven't heard of polydactylism being a new trait in MCs
Probably, more hassle than it's worth.
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Yes, the kitten will be altered at the age the breeder recommends and will not be bred. I think that the breeder will be giving me the 'blue slip' because they said the kittens are fully CFA registered? I guess I should ask about that!

Hmm, now I'm confused! This website says that polydactyl Maine Coons can be shown in TICA's New Traits class, and it talks about people who are showing them:
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I'm familiar with the judge that wrote the article. It sounds like they are in the process of getting this new trait approved.
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Just cause TICA will allow this, doesn't mean that the majority of MC breeders accept it. You'd better talk to your breeder about the plans. Some breeders state in their contracts that the cat/kitten cannot be shown.

Now I'm not sure if this means shown in Championship/Alter classes or also includes in the HHP section. If your MC breeder doesn't want this cat shown in Championship/Alter classes but will allow in HHP, then you really should NOT show or register the cat in TICA and show under Ch/Alter classes - it would be fine to show HHP if your breeder ok's that.

I would clarify this issue with the breeder. Check and read your contract.
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You Got it!

If you are serious about showing in TICA, I recommend that YOU join TICA (for a little fee) and get on one (or more) of the Ticamembers lists. It is a wealth of info.

Did the breeder have info on the New Traits?

I found the site your post linked to very interesting.
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Hey again, thanks for the info/suggestion. I emailed the breeder to check if it was ok with them if we show her in that 'New Traits' category. I just got a reply, she said that she thinks the kitten may have good show potential as well as being very sweet, and she would encourage us to show her. So that's good!
Now I just have to make sure I work out all the forms correctly... First I'll need to register her with CFA using the slip from the breeder, then when CFA send me the registered certificate I have to fill out the TICA form and send TICA a copy of the CFA certificate. I hope I have that correct!
It looks like the first TICA show in the area (that the kitten will be old enough to enter) is not until March so I have plenty of time to get all the forms in by then. If I understand right, I could also enter her in one show before the paperwork is completed by writing "pending" when the entry form asks for the cat's registration number?
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Computer glitch.

My response to your post shows before your post.

I guess I'm a mindreader
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