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Tillie Has Crossed

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Today December 24th, it has been 3 months since my oldest cat Tillie made her journey to the rainbow bridge. She was 13 years, 4 months, & 23 days old when she was put to sleep.

Enjoy your time at the bridge Tillie I miss you! I wish I had gotten to say goodbye, to pet you one more time, or even to hold you one more time! Keep an eye on Punky and the others who have gone before you!
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Merry christmas Tillie you gorgeous girl, have a wonderful time at the bridge

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Holiday times can bring attention to losses, alright. For me, the 3rd holiday season is the worst, because then it seems final But I know that you and I will be with our beloveds once again, and this time forever...
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Oh Tillie you are missed so very much Sweetie. Merry Christmas baby girl
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Sorry about your loss RIP Tillie.
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Tillie was a beautiful cat.

Have fun playing Tillie
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I agree that holidays are the hardest because you can't help but to think of all you could be doing with them if they were here! Im so sorry about the loss of your Tillie. May she play happily over the bridge! Healthy, happy, and beautiful too!!
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I'm sorry you lost your beautiful girl. She looks like she knew she was queen of the deck. I'm sending my sympthies and prayers.
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Such a pretty girl, RIP Tillie, and check out my guys at the Bridge.
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Awwww Tillie, may you continue to rest in peace Sweety You are a beautiful girl.
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What a pretty kitty Tillie was. It is so hard to get through the Holidays that first year. Everyone around you seems to be having a good time while your heart is silently breaking.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful cat she was. Rest in Peace Tillie.
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