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I decided to move Mellows food bowls under the kitchen table as he prefers to drink from a more sheltered position, as I bent down and moved the bowls under trying not to spill the water, I hear a huge CRACK and realize that I have just bashed my forehead straight into the edge of the table, the noise my head made against the wood was as loud as someone clapping there hands and it took a minute to realize it was my head that made the noise LOL
I have a nice red lump forming, which will look great in all the xmas photos tomorrow!
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Ewww sorry I hope you are ok. That sounds like one of my Lucy moves
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Awww that stinks. I'm sorry you beaned your brain.
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Ouchy!!! I am sorry....
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Thanks, You know it actually hasnt bruised which is kind of disapointing because it hurts so much when I touch it, I always think a briuse is proof of pain LOL
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