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Daily Thread Christmas Eve!!

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Good morning everyone!

Welp its Christmas Eve..I am at my sisters place and just about to eat pancakes Off to home to check up on Trouty in a bit and to get my last minute stuff done.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas if I don't talk to ya'll tomorrow

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I'm just sitting here at my moms on the puter. I hope everyone has a great Holiday tomorrow.
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I just arrived home from southern Cali last night around 2:30 in the am. Fun drive but it was worth it to see my family and most of all my biological father. It's been 16 years since I've spent holiday time with him.

Today is all about last minute gifts. This should be fun Then later it's off to church with the family and our family pic after that. The things I do to have a place to keep my Skye while my roommates children are here.
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Goood morning! (or Afternoon!)

I've already overslept but hey, it's a holiday! I need to run to the grocery store for a few things that are not for the holiday. Then to the liquor store for 2 cans of beer. I need it for beer bread and I don't know any drinkers to buy some off, so just 2 cans will do. Maybe I'll splurge on a small bottle of wine for tonight.

Once I get home it's baking time! Then church, then either home or to the after party or both. I'm thinking my best friend and I will just be coming back here to wrap her presents and what not though. I'm sure DH will be too tired to go out and I'll probably have cookies to be frosting for tomorrow.
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Gary and I slept in late, even though the market's open and we were supposed to have our morning call this morning. We're not doing anything this year for Christmas, so I think we're going to head out to the supermarket in a little while, buy something tasty and nibbly. It's actually sunny and pretty warm out - so we may go break up some of remaining ice from our treacherous driveway!

Then? Probably play with the kitties for a while.

Sounds like a great day to me!

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and either family or friends too!

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It really is Christmas Eve here in that it's evening

We've baked the mince pies - hubby and daughter's traditional Christmas Eve task. Made sure MIL's room is ready for her (my job).

Hubby fetched MIL at lunchtime and we entertained various visitors during the day.

Now, we've settled in for the evening, awaiting the arrival of Santa. The kitties are all excited, all these people coming and going, they know that something is in the air. Of course, it could be the smell of the defrosting turkey wafting in from the kitchen
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I just finished printing shipping labels for my last pre-Christmas shipping, made dh breakfast - after going over last minute grocery store items we need.

Will call my Mom later today, and do some around the house chores, some online shopping, made a charity donation in my Gram's memory (did my dad already)...nap!!

We are putting off making my gram's sfincione for later this week (so excited, did more research and found there are 3 versions, and the one from her hometown most closely resembles her recipe, plus I FINALLY after decades, have found what the heck kind of cheese she meant when she said she used "basket cheese" - primosale, and I found a place online to order it - for next year. For this, we'll use provolone I think.

Anyhoo....I wish all of you celebrating Christmas a very merry one with the ones you love.
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Good day to all!! Well was supposed to have lunch at in-laws today but my daughter and I arent going to go, shes sick I hate having a 'lil one that is sick. So she will be in bed most the day and I wil clean and hang out on here
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Well, I went to work today...for an hour. We were so slow, they started sending people home almost as soon as they got there. I was THRILLED to leave, but I was kind of like "if you were going to send me home this soon, why didn't you just call and say don't come in??" Oh well, I'm not going to argue.

The rest of the day is going to spent relaxing. I might tidy up a little bit because I don't know if we're going to have dinner here or at MIL's house tomorrow. But, even if we have it here its only going to be for 5 or 6 people so no big deal. I still need to wrap a few presents...bake a pumpkin pie...Ok, maybe it won't be so relaxing!

But tonight, we're going to build a fire in the fireplace, turn on the tree, turn off the lights and just snuggle
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The kitties are sleeping, so I think I might wrap a few gifts without "help". Then a bit of tidying up for the traditional christmas eve fondue we have for my parents and brother.
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I'm stuck here at work hoping they will send us home soon.
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I just finished cleaning the house top to bottom. I am beat. Family should be arriving in 3 hours. I still have to shower

Happy Holiday Everyone!
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Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having a good Christmas Eve!!

This morning I went to work and didn't get home until a little while ago. My volunteer and I cleaned all of the shelter up and took care of everyone for the day. Then we passed out treats to all the furbabies for Christmas After we did that we had a little bit of sausage pie her mom and her had baked to share with me! It was soooo yummy (sausage,cheese, eggs,pie crust- omg!)

When we finished our lunch, i stopped by the store to stock up on some ice for my Christmas party tomorrow night then i headed home. We're about to go to my Aunt's house for Christmas Eve dinner After that I plan to come back home and start some baking and a little cleaning....then maybe tonight Colin and I can watch a Christmas movie or something like that Not sure yet!
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It's Christmas Day here and i just unwrapped my LUSH!!!!!
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