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Alcohol Warning!!

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After leaving my works Christmas meal and disco this morning around 2pm, and feeling rather intoxicated, I thought it would be a good idea to visit the supermarket that had not long opened again. Big mistake When I woke up I was confronted by the wife who was interested to know why I had purchased another turkey Well I explained, I just had this notion that the one we already had would not be enough to feed the family on Christmas day and have enough cold meat to feed the rest of the visitors on boxing day
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That's pretty darn funny. My DH hasn't done that when out drinking with the guys...but he's done some other weird stuff.
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Well, now there are two wishbones!
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OMG Thanks for making my day!

At least you're thoughtful, she can't fault you for that
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oops , well at least you won't be going hungry
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OMG, I've done that! I came home one night with a box of gormet cookies (I really don't even like cookies!) that cost almost $20.00. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. At least the turkey can be kept frozen and used eventually. Besides, you were just providing for your family.
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Ok, but did you offer to cook the second turkey yourself???
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Well now you mention it, I cook the christmas dinner anyway, so I put them on slow last night, I have just checked them and they are almost done
Thats one thing out the way on Christmas morning anyway. Mmmm! Now whats for breakfast?

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Hehehehehe!! sounds familiar! (Un)fortunately (depending on who's point of view we're looking at this from) I've not really had a chance to get intoxicated and relax. I've been working over Christmas and I'm not off until the 29th. I did have a few last night though.... just enough to knock me out for the night. Mind you, buying a turkey is hardly the worst thing that could happen to you when drunk. After all, I found one of my ex's one night licking mayonnaise off the kitchen floor in nothing but a pair of wellington boots. I think you're quite safe.

By the way, those turkeys look gooooooood I don't get turkey over here in Denmark, so I'm feeling a little bit lost on that front. On the upside, we everything else! One year I'm going to have to introduce the family to an English Christmas.
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