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Kitten Likes Fridge

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My new 4 month old kitten will not stay out of the fridge! Every time we open it, there he goes running in there and walking around on the shelves. He already got locked in there once by accident and you would think that would have scared him, but it didn't. Any suggestions as to how to keep him away from there?

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How scary! I wonder if there are any sprays that would be offensive to your kitty, but not toxic for food!
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I know this isn't a solution and I'm not suggesting you do this on purpose, but my kitty used to jump in the fridge whenever the door was opened (drove me crazy -- I couldn't keep much on the bottom shelf).

One day when I went to the fridge, he jumped in there like usual. I picked him up and set him back on the floor and then turned around towards the sink. Apparently, before the door closed completely (one of those automatic closing fridge doors), the little devil tried to jump back in and almost got his little head caught in the door. I think it must have scared him because he never tried to jump in the fridge again (although he still comes right up to the door and looks in whenever it is opened.
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Leave a couple of sliced oranges and lemons (or their peels) on the front of each refridgerator shelf. Most cats hate the smell of citrus and will avoid any place that "stinks" of the stuff.

You can also keep a helium baloon inside that will pop out each time the door is open. This will frighten your naughty kitten so he will avoid the fridge in the future.

Also, any time kitty jumps in the fridge, say NO! in a loud and stern voice, place the kitten on the floor and then ignore him. Chances are that he will soon learn that unpleasant things happen when he goes inside (being scolded & ignored).
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Fitz did the same thing when he was younger. It didn't matter where he was or what he was doing, if he heard that fridge open he would run straight into it, diving onto the first shelf he could reach and turn around and just lay there. He would even reach under the drawer and try to see what was under it. I wish I could tell you his fascination with the fridge stopped but I can't. He still tries to get in there but he's not as energetic about it and at least now I can stop him. Now he mostly stands in front of the open fridge while his tail does that quiver thing to show how excited he is. I think it's just another one of those cute, quirky things they do. I never tried really hard to stop it though--it's pretty funny seeing him get so excited!
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Couldn't you just HAPPEN to have half a glass of water in the fridge that just HAPPENED to spill on your cat when he jumped in the fridge? That's what I did when I was trying to teach our kitten to stay away from the range, and it worked like a dream. You might have to do it a few times, but the refrigerator really is dangerous - what if he were locked in it all night?
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Cooper likes to lay in the dishwasher as I'm emptying the dishes!!!

(She like the warm water..... but I always remember to take her out when I'm done, and the diswasher door is ALWAYS closed!)

She's never jumped in the fridge..... there is NO room!!!

We're piggies and have a fridge stocked with food!!!
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I hope this doesn't sound mean ...
But you could buy a small water pistol and zap him on his legs when he tries to climb in again.
We've found the water pistol technique effective.
Don't aim for their faces though, the water could go down the wrong way...
Just try and get them in the legs.

You can also try leaving a sheet of aluminium foil infront of the fridge. Some cats don't like the sound it makes when they step on it.
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