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they have arrived!!!!! birth story and pics

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sorry i havent been on earlier, its been so hectic what with the birth and xmas and all that!

anyway. on friday (as i said) Gismo had her babies! it was a good job i was here as she didnt have a clue what to do bless her! luckily i had read some info on here of what to do if you need to intervene. (thank you for that info)

well i went out on friday after posting on here to see my nan for her birthday. anyway, wasnt very long as i had a feeling Gismo needed me! when i got in i got the kids sorted and ran up to my room. gismo came out the wardrobe to greet me and i stroked her. i then realised that she had a lot of blood coming from her bum. so i had a look in the wardrobe and on the towel was a little kitten! still in the sack with the placenta attached! i tried to get Gismo interested and to lick the sack of etc, but she was having none of it!

after trying to get Gismo interested for a little while i had to do something. so i got a towel and started to rub off the sac, i rubbed the kitten and it was breathing! when it started to meow Gismo came over and looked interested so i put the kitten on her belly and she started to lick it!! then she just walked off and started cleaning her self!

i put the kitten near the radiator to keep it warm and went to see gismo. she was contracing hard! this went on for anout 20 mins then stopped! she finally went over to the kitten and licked it clean (i had to tie off the cord though for her) i could still feel something squirming about inside so i knew there was more to come! it took a while but i finally got the first kitten to feed off her.

then about 4 hours later she had number 2! Gismo was so tired she just birthed it on the floor then jumped on my bed and fell asleep! again she didnt lick the kitten so i had to clean it all for her.

i then layed both the kittens on her and they started to feed! i nearly cried when she accepted them! she is doing really well now and is such a good mum. she hardly leaves them and you rarely hear them cry!
they are both identical apart from colour. one is fluffy and grey and one is fluffy and black

her are some pics (hope i added them right)

thank you for all your help and advice

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Congrats!! Beautiful babies in time for Christmas. Also congrats on keeping calm and helping Gismo.
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Aww a cute little blue and black kitten. But what is the light looking weird thing in the picture next to her face?????
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its her collar with id tag on. the kittens have been trying to bite it so it has come out of the buckel bit
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How cute! Glad you were able to help! Congrats on your christmas kitties!
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Congrats!!! They are beautiful!!
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Thanks I thought "that can't be a leg" but it looked so weird. You might consider keeping the collar off mom for awhile
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Thanks I thought "that can't be a leg" but it looked so weird. You might consider keeping the collar off mom for awhile
Thats what I thought too, like what is that strange body part?
Kittens are ADORABLE!!
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Congratulations! They are adorable!!
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Oh..they are soooo cute! It's a good thing you were there for them.
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The Kittens are Cute.
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awwww... Congratez!!!
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Congrats to you and to Gismo on her new babies!
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Congratualtions!!!!!!! I've always wanted a black fluffy kitty. Are you going to keep them?
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oh my goodness they are so cute!!!

It was lucky you were there to help!!
You did a good job and it sounds like she did too!!
Enjoy them, they get big too fast...

Keep us posted!
& Merry Christmas
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I want more it wrong to want to give my little kitten at least one root before he gets desexed?
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Missme - yes, it is, and it could also end up in frustrating him once he has been neutered, never mind the overpopulation problem we have at the moment. It is much kinder to neuter your little boy before he becomes sexually mature (and starts spraying in your house).
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Haha thats why she was so small! It just dawned on me as I was reading some other older threads that this was the kitty!! She only had two, thats why she was so small!!
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Congratulations, those ar two very cute babies, Gizmo is lucky to have you to help her
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They are gorgeous, I love them. Good job to you both.
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adorable babies!!

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What gorgeous little ones! They are going to be stunners when they grow up! Glad that Gizmo took care of them afterwards and good for you staying calm in the situation.
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