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Throwing up bile :( :( Please please help

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I am very worried about my baby puma. Yesterday morning, she threw up about 20 times in only 7 minutes. I called the emergency vet and they gave me two options (to watch her a while longer or to bring her in). I opted to watch her for another hour before making my decision and she ended up not vomitting again. Has anyone else dealt with a kitten that throws up bile (no hairball in sight) soooooo many times in such a short time frame? Also, Puma has not been eating or going "poop". She is still drinking water and urinating...but she goes from litter box to litter box, scratching around, or just sitting in it (not squatting as if trying to go). I am very worried--but no vet is open due to the holidays. Should I call the emergency vet today??? Puma is only 7 months old and has no history of urinary tract infections.
I know it is the holidays and few people may be checking these posts---but PLEASE respond if you have any advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PS: my older sister had mentioned that her puppy used to throw up bile and the vet had told her it was because there was no food in her puppy's tummy and he would have to force feed him. Does anyone know if it's the same with cats?
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In this situation I think the safest thing would be to go to the ER vet and, in addition to the normal physical exam, ask for a quick in-house blood test to check kidney and liver function. I would also ask for an X-ray.
I would not try to feed a cat that was throwing up bile and is now not eating.
Just wondering, could kitty have got into holiday decorations, or chewed on a toxic plant?
In any case, If I were you I wouldn't wait, I'd take Puma to the ER vet now.
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I would get Puma to the emergency vet ASAP. Remember that cats (even kittens) are very good at hiding the extent of their illness. It sounds like she is giving you some strong signals that she is sick.
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i will call the vet now--thankyou!


OK, we're going in! I will update when we get home! Wish us luck--kitty hate going on trips like this...
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I would want her seen by a vet right away.
Better safe than sorry.
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PUMA BABY JUST WENT TO THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy right now, I could cry. The poor babe was definitely constipated. I am now waiting for a phone call from the vet for further instructions! I'm so happy right now I could throw a party! Haha

Thanks all for the advice on calling the vet! I hope you all have VERY MERRY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!

(OMG, I'm soooooo happy right now!)
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A good poo is always welcome.

If the vomiting continues...
a vet visit will be needed.

More vibes on the way.
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Great to hear!! Continued vibes on the way for improvement
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Everyone's well wishes and good vibes are well appreciated!! Because her tummy is empty I will be watching her with a close eye today!! I am saddened that I have to leave her for a few hours tonight for a family holiday party...but if I play a lot with her all day she will just sleep while I'm gone. Kitty's tummy is finally not so full of "poopies" and she is eating again! She is getting Laxatone daily for today and tomorrow and I'm offering a digestive aid (Cranberry and papaya juice for kittens and cats) in one of the water bowls.

Really, I want to thank you all again for helping me through this! I was losing my mind with no knowing where to turn!! Everyone was great! I give you all applause!
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She threw up again this morning...guess who's going to the vet!!!!
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I hope she will be ok.
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Any update on Puma?

How did it go at the vet?

I hope your baby is doing ok!
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Any belly swelling?? I would have an xray and cbc and possibly a chemistry done on her... I wouldn't think that constipation would make her throw up pure bile! Best of luck and please keep us posted!
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