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A baker I am not

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I tried so hard to make a Pecan pie. I made one last night, buy I guess my oven is off, because in 15 minutes the crust was already geting black so I tried to cover the crust with foil, and then add the 1/2 cup of pecans I forgot, so I ended up with a black crusted, black pecaned pie.

So. not one to give up, I started another one this morning, turned down the oven, covered the crust from the beginning, but then after it was in there a minute, tried to add the pinch of salt I forgot, and I just realized I FORGOT THE TSP. OF VANILLA!!!!
I am going to have to stop and buy a dessert anyway, why did I ever think I could bake a pie??

A baker, I am not.
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And I'll bet your excuse for not following the receipe exactly to include the ingredients was the "cats distracted me".....
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A tip for when you are baking is to premeasure all of your ingredients into individual small dishes. Then as you go through the recipe you go down the line of premeasured ingredients. If you come to an ingredient that you don't have a little dish of, then you know you forgot to premeasure it and still have a chance to add it to the recipe.

I don't do that for all of my baking, but I do it for the more complicated ones or the ones that have lots of ingredients to add.

Also, not many ovens run spot on for temperature, so it's a good idea to invest in an oven thermometer. My oven runs about 25 degrees hotter than it should, so the oven termometer sure helps.
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just got back from the store. got a Jewish apple cake and a coconut custard pie. Much easier.
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Llol3: I've heard pecans pie are hard to bake anyway

I love to bake, but I do the store route anyway, no one wants a cat fur pie
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Don't feel bad. At Thanksgiving I tried to bake a frozen pumpkin pie. All I had to do was take it out of the package, put it in the oven, and bake it. The crust was burned, but the pie was seriously not done. Had to throw it away. I used to be a pretty good baker, but not any more.
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