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Cleaning bottoms

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Is it only kittens who make a fuss when their bums are getting cleaned by their mum or another human?

I heard a commotion outside my room, my father comes and tells me Charlie stepped in his feces after using the tray, and left poo paw prints all over the laundry floor. He hasn't done this before from memory. He was put into his enclosure for a while. His backside was very dirty, i'm assuming his stool might've been a little soft. Before i brought him back in i tried cleaning around the base of his tail a bit and he did not like it one bit! He tried scrambling away, then flattened down on his belly waiting for me to finish.

Do any of your adult cats make this sort of fuss?
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Yep! Ares has a heart attack when he occasionally needs a wipe. He will try and escape, then lay down on the floor and wait it out
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Having raise a lot of kittens, I can honestly say - it varies from cat to cat. There are some kittens that are happy to let the mother cat groom them and others that fight it. The habit seems to stick with them when grown.

Sho doesn't mind being cleaned up but Tomas will fuss a bit -more so if he has to have his feet or tail actually washed.
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OMG I just washed Lucky's bottom last night. He did very well in the tub. However there is some urine smell left but not as bad. He isn't too fond of wipes. I have more success in the tub.
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I've never owned a cat who didn't put up a fuss at having their bum cleaned. Can't say that I blame them either! But it is sometimes a necessary evil!
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