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Does anyone else...

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Does anyone else feel like a bad meowmy after giving one of your kitties a bath?

I can bathe all my kittes except Sam and Tigger and still feel like a good meowmy...but after bathing those two I come out with atleast a dozen scratches and feeling worse then I have in a long time Tonight I had to bathe Tigger he hasnt had a bath in over a year and he was beginning to stink I tried the dry bath on him and it made it worse I also believe he is alergic to it as he start acting lethargic afterwards so I bathed him...He meows really loud and pants its awful and I felt so bad but it had to be done...Are any of your cats like that?
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Lucky just stood there an whimpered. He is pretty good in the tub. However I only wash his bottom. I don't even want to think of bathing the other cats. LOL Lucky is a very trusting cat.
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Ive still got 1 more to do tonight luckily Hemi is much smaller and easier to control
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I haven't had to bathe a cat in quite awhile, the last one was Sapphy but she liked the blow-dryer so I felt a little better
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Oh yes, after giving the cats a bath, you are (in their eyes) a bad mommy. But, they do get over it. We normally don't bath our cats. The last one was Corky who jumped into the toilet first thing in the morning when he was...ummm..well you know. She got a shower she wasn't expecting. Yeah, she needed a bath after that! And I still have the scars where she climbed up my arm on onto my shoulder.

Poor thing was nothing but head and ears and a scrawny little rat body. I wish I had taken pics, and the look she was giving us actually scared me. It was clearly a "DIE, EVIL ONE DIE" look.

They do get over it...but they look so cute when they're wet!
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Holden cries and cries and cries. It sounds so pitiful and makes me sad. I apologize the entire time. If I have one hand on him and talk to him the entire time he is OK, but as soon as I let go to get a towel or the shampoo, he starts crying. After I get him out of the tub and dry him off he hides in his microfiber blanket until he is dried off, then he comes out to accept my apology.
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my cat's hate it! i gave them both one today haha, i ended up wetter than they did LOL! i usually have to wash them because Sparkle always manages to get food on top of her head, & obviously can't reach that far to clean herself!
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All of my kitties and dogs are used to getting regular baths, so since i handle them soo much they do ok when bath time rolls around. I just try to make it as less stressful as i can- i lay out everything i need ahead of time...put a little towel in the bottom for the kitties to grip on so they don't slip and feel as nervous, and i play soft music for them. My cats are actually better about getting their baths than the dogs are They just sit there and meow at me.
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Baths don't harm them, and more often than not they really needed it for one reason or another. So no, I don't feel like a bad meowmy... I feel like a tired one!
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