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What gifts are your kitties getting?

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I was just curious what gifts people were getting their kitties for Christmas?

Ares and Hypnos are getting a kitty crackle tunnel and these clear plastic balls with a shiny heart and rattle inside them. I'd also like to get them the SmartCat Bootsie's Combo scratcher for the floor, but that will have to wait for a birthday (We'll call it a Wish List item.)
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My guys got a new tree, some kitty caviar, and a banana and a pumpkin from PBT. I already gave their new stuff to them and they love it!
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Mine are hoping for Da Bird
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My boys are getting pounce carribean catch cat treats, whisker lickens chicken and cheese flavor treats, they got friskies treats from my boss, a crazy wheel thing Miagi LOVES chasing things like bottle caps so I thought he'd love that and a doofus dogs fat cat toy and a mouse that moves they are spoiled aren't they? and I got the pups treats since they don't like to play with toys anymore I got them some jerky treats and 2 big boxes of scooby snacks so yeah my kiddos are set for Christmas. oh and I got my 11 year old black lab mix Rocky a new collar since everyone else got a new one this year, I got him one.
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I got my kitties a bed. I only bought one because I am not sure if both of them will like it, but if they do then I will buy a second one.
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I cleaned out my "Auntie Em" closet today and decided that they needed a fresh round of toys and beds. So the doggies got a new Coach Potato Throw and squeaker toys. The cats got some catnip toys and I rotated some of their old beds that have been put away for a long time now into the mix. Yes, I have so many beds that I rotate them in and out of their lives. That's what you get when you make them.

I'd like to get them a new cat condo, but that's going to have to wait until after Spike's cancer treatment. That was an unexpected bill.
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mine no doubt will be having some left over turkey as a treat! & some more toys because they can never have enough
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Last year after Christmas the pet store had a big sale on some of their kitty toys - so i stocked up on a huge package of kitty toys so i'd have it for this year! There are lots of little balls, catnip toys, and other fun things in there for them! I also got them a bag of their favorite treats

I was going to place an order with Plain Brown Tabby, but since money is a little tight i decided i'll wait and do that when i get a little extra cash!
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I got Holden a bunch of toys and enrolled him in a health care plan. I plan on buying a santa hat tomorrow for him and taking pictures of him with his stocking full of toys!
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I went nuts shopping after Raven died. I was feeling so blue I bought a bunch of toys. They got 2 stockings full of toys (one being Fat Cat/Kitty Hoots brand). A Bamboo CatFisher toy. They love that one. Plus we had ordered a bunch of Catnip toys from Plain Brown Tabby before Raven passed. Plus some Mice from Shopko's seasonal pet stuff. So they got a ton of toys this year. And would have gotten more, but I went to the wrong Wal-Mart this weekend. They were out of the Wal-Mart cat toy stockings. But we'll check out the after Christmas clearance toys instead.
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Mine got a new Panic Mouse to replace the one they killed earlier this year. Autumn got a bed too small for Bumper which will hopefully stop them fighting over the pink one

They also got a new scratch thing and some toys and Thanksgiving Day Dinner for dinner
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Treats and mice toys from 'other mommy' (ie. my roommate), a drinking fountain, new scratcher, da bird refills from me, and toys from Grandma (my mummy)

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My parents are getting a kitty condo for their two kitties.
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We all three of mine got new beds, lots of kitty treats, Sassy got a new scratch pad, Pixie a package of felt mice and Linus a package of Krinkle Balls.

They also have a couple of gifts under the tree from my sister's cat Brady and my other sister's Dogs Rosie and Bessie.
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Jamie got another toy mouse, a can of "human" water-packed tuna (tonight's dinner), a can of crabmeat, and a package of frozen shrimp. Oh, and a cardboard box filled with paper streamers. His Auntie Fran (fwan) sent him some tasty cat sticks, and Auntie Susan (Rosiemac) did also, so he's been well-gifted.

He's having a ball with the Christmas tree, as I had to replace a slew of ornaments, so he has lots of new "cat toys" to play with,
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