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Mars glows bright red

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Interesting article about how Mars is glowing bright red for Christmas, giving Rudolph a day off,lol.


And there made up song about it.

Mars is a red-tinged planet

With a very shiny glow

And if you look to see it

You will find the moon in tow.

All of the other Yuletides

Santa would have at his side

The shiny nose of Rudolph

Acting as his big sleigh's guide

But this very Christmas Eve

Santa came to say:

"Rudolph, now with Mars so bright,

You can stay at home tonight."

Then all the reindeer teased him.

And they shouted out with glee:

"Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer

Outsourced to astronomy."
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Great article! (And I loved the revised song )
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That's great! I can just imagine all the astronomers gathered around the telescope with mugs full of eggnog, singing their little Christmas song...
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Ah that's great!

I was out looking at the Moon and Mars tonight! It was brilliant!
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That is so cool! I hope it stays warm enough for us to go on our full moon motorcycle ride to the beach that we do every month, weather permitting. If today is any indication, it is a distinct possibility. It was cloudy last night, but not raining. I hope the clouds are gone tonight, so we can at least see it, even if not from the beach.
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