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How long does your tree stay up?

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I dont know about anyone else, but I am ready to take me tree down

How soon does your tree come down?? I will probly leave it up til after New years eve....but the cats have pretty much destroyed it
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We usually leave it up till about mid-January. Carrying it back and forth between rooms has worked for us this year; but some days I just don't feel like carrying it out, so it's stayed in the study on one of the desks.
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usually til Jan 1 sometimes later depends on my mood
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We'll take it down and pack things up the first full weekend in January - which means the 5th or 6th - not sure of the date for Saturday
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Probably the weekend after New Years.
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After new years or its bad luck!
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In my family it was a tradition to leave it up until the Epiphony (little Christmas) which I think is either Jan 7th or 9th. Normally my parents would put it up the weekend before Christmas. It was normal to frantically be decorating the tree and the rest of the house until midnight mass Christmas eve....but somehow Mom always made everything come together.

This year our tree went up the weekend after Thanksgiving and is getting VERY dry. I don't think it's going to make it to the first week of January.

I remember Mom telling me a story of a tree they left up for 4 months when she was a little girl. They were leaving it up for her cousin that was serving in WW2. He wanted to see a Christmas tree when he got home. He didn't get home until the middle of March. There wasn't a neddle left on the tree, but all the ornaments and lights were there (yeah, fire hazard!!), but he cried like a baby when he saw it. Just wanted to share that.
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I leave mine up until the first or second of January.
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Mine came down was pretty much destroyed after the kittens pulled it down 5+ times. One of them got stuck in the tree during the last time, and I didn't want to risk one of them getting stuck in it when I wasn't home. I'm not celebrating Christmas here, anyway - I really only put it up so the cats would have the experience of having a tree to play with.
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i'll probably take mine down early January! my cat's have destroyed the tinsel LOL, they havn't bothered with any other decoration's on it, i guess the tinsel feels funny to them hehe, they have pulled one of the bows off it, so looks like that will be getting replaced for next year, along with the tree as it keeps falling over now
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I don't take mine down until after New Years most years.
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