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Cat keeps on marking me

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While I'm sitting on the couch eating a snack my 2-3yr old neutered male cat will approach me and sit very closely, waiting (or more like try and get his little nose in) for a little treat.

When he doesn't get his way he will drag his bottom along the couch, or me, and leave a terrible odour behind (luckly no skid marks!); he then turns around and profusely licks the marked spot or his bits/bottom

He's up-to-date with his worming pills and vaccinations, and I have never seen any worms or abnormalities in his faeces (he's an indoor cat).

I can only guess he's marking me.

Can I stop this and what is he trying to say?
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Sounds like his anal glands may be impacted and need to be expelled. It's a situation that makes him very uncomfortable. He's not marking you - he's letting you know he's got a problem.

Best to take him to the vet first - he can show you how to do it in the future.

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Are those the glands located beneath his scrotum?
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No, they're beneath his anus. Here's a good link for you: http://cats.about.com/cs/healthissues/a/analglands.htm

It explains the problems and the issues (and the location of the sacs) really well.

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They are located to the left and right of his anus. He really needs to have them expelled. As Laurie said they are painful and can lead to eruptions.

That smell is something that is usually released when they go poo, naturally. It is their scent. The reason he licks it profusely is because he does not want his scent to be left out the open like that. Its is usually burried with his poo.
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Thank you for the replies and web link. I will take him to the vets ASAP!
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You'll both be SO much happier - and he'll be more comfortable!

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I never knew this. Love TCS! Hope your guy is more comfy soon
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