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What are your plans for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day???

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Hey everyone! I hope you guys all have a wonderful Christmas!!! I was wondering what everyone had planned for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Tomorrow I am going to work all morning at the shelter. When I get finished there, Colin and I are going to have Christmas Eve dinner at my Aunt Jean's house! Then I'm hoping we can come home and maybe have some hot chocolate/ watch a Christmas movie together with our furbabies I've also got a ton of cooking and house cleaning to do tomorrow as well to get prepared for Christmas day!

On Christmas day, Colin has to work (we work for the city so we rarely get a holiday off at the same time- he's a cop, and i'm a vet tech for animal control). The dpt said that if it's slow they could stop in and spend time with their families and just listen for calls and go out as needed- so hopefully i'll get to spend a little time with him Christmas morning

I'm planning to wake up early maybe and make some Beignets for breakfast so we can open our stockings and have a nice breakfast together After he goes to work i'll finish up cooking/cleaning. My mom and sister kimmy's family are going to come over around 2:00 on Christmas day to help me set up the house/ finish up cooking and open up their presents from us (i don't give presents to everyone as money is tight but i do buy for my mom, colin, my sister kimmy and her family- the rest of my family we draw names- so they're comming later in the night to do dinner/gift exchange). After Colin gets off work, the rest of my family is supposed to come over. This is my first year hosting Christmas at my house I'm excited!!!

We're going to do a SS gift exchange, Dirty Santa exchange, and have a yummy dinner (everyone's bringing some family favorite dishes), and we're going to play "It's a Wonderful Life" Christmas trivia. I can't wait!! I'm going to put antlers on the dogs and little bell collars on the cats

What are all of you guys doing for Christmas???
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No plans for me for today. My fathers gone off to my grandparents house for christmas eve lunch with some of my other relatives. Saturday i had christmas dinner with Tristans family. Tomorrow opening presents at home with my parents. Boxing day lunch we're making here for my grandma, uncle and his wife.
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You won't believe me. Today I removed the popcorn from the ceiling of our walk in closet. Tomorrow I paint the room and will make new shelves for it. On Christmas day we'll finish that project.

But in between, I'll probably make a delicious dinner tomorrow night and we'll open up some presents. On Christmas day we'll take a break to have dinner with the neighbors. Somewhere I need to do some last minute shopping for stocking stuffers for DH.
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I have to work Monday. Hopefully, the surgery schedule will remain light, and I will be able to leave a little early. We will open presents Christmas Eve in the early evening. Secret Santa present has remained intact...can hardly wait!!! I'm on call on Christmas Day, so I expect to be working. If I'm not working when dinner is ready, I will have Christmas dinner at my parents house.
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Hmmm lets see at the first job i work 8-2 and thats only because at my second job i start at 3 until 7 My first job actually wanted me to work until 4 so its a great thing I do call on Sundays before they even make the schedule And then afterwards I get to come home and my dads cooking the ham which I dont eat that so idk what imma do for dinner tomarrow Then we will all exchange gifts in the house and such!

Then on Christmas day I am sleeping in even if it kills me And my oldest brother and his family and my gram are coming over here for Christmas dinner and we will all exchange gifts and such! Then we will head on down to my other grams to see the rest of the family (my dads side)!
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I have to work until five tomorrow then I am going to spend Christmas Eve at my brother's. Christmas Day I will be at home, I am going to make a nice dinner and spend the day just relaxing and watching TV. I am looking forward to a day when I don't have to go anywhere or do anything if I don't want to. Boxing Day it's back to work.
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Well .. tomorrow afternoon, the boyfriend and I are driving to MA to meet up with my parents and brother to drive down to CT. There, we are going to the nursing home where my great grandmother is to do our family secret santa gift exchange. Then, we'll spend the night at my grandmother's house. Christmas Day we open presents with my grandmother, then we'll prob go back to the nursing home to see my great grandmother again .. Then we're going to my grandparents house to open up presents with my mom's side of the family and I get to see my little cousins who mean the world to me Then dinner at someone's house, drive back to MA, and then we get to drive back to NH.

Then, on the weekend, we go to the boyfriend's house, and open presents with his family and we get to see his cute little nieces and nephew
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nothing really I will start the turkey tomorrow night and let it slow roast until morning then keep it in a warmer til about 4 pm which is when dh gets off work...then dh my brother and I will have dinner This Year I was able to get presents for him and my brother before losing my job but I told them not to buy me anything which is fine by me My real plans start the day after christmas when I continue my job hunt
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We are still preping for tomorrow's feast- 7 Fishes at Mom's house. We are expecting at least 10 family members and a few friends. Normally it's 30 family members. Shame how things change.

Christmas morning is with mom and opening gifts then we go to MIL's for dinner. Mom is going to her neices for dinner then they are all going to her nephew's for dessert. I don't like DH and I will make it to dessert since that would leave his Mother alone for the night. Then Saturday we have DH's family Christmas party which is over 100 people throughout the night.
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Christmas Eve I will spend baking the last of my cookieis and getting some regular groceries for the week. Then we'll be headed to our church for the candel-light service. Afterward is a big after party one of the families from church is hosting. That usually lasts till very late but is a blast!

Christmas day we'll probably sleep in, then exchange gifts. I'll bake up the bread if I don't get to it tomorrow, and then head to Mom's for the day. My best friend will be eating with us there too. In between it all will be phone calls to all the out of town family, which is most of the family!
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Tomorrow we go to DH mom for lunch/open gifts...not sure what tomorrow evening will bring. And on Tuesday we are having christmas with the kids. We just had our "family" christmas at my brothers last night(sat) and then today at my gmas.
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Tomorrow I have to work 10-5 and then we are probably not going to do anything in the evening.

On Christmas day, we wake up and open presents here and then my boyfriends grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousins come over and we open presents with them and visit for a bit. Around 2pm, we are going to my moms house to open presents there and at 4pm we have my family Christmas and dinner and then we are staying over at my moms house.

On boxing day, we are going to Future Shop to get an HD dvd player that they have on sale for $99 (regular $400) and then visiting my mom and sister for the day.
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Well, let's see... I work Christmas Eve, Christmas night, and, just for good measure, the day after- blech! Oh well, it's good money! Next weekend, I am headed to CT to see my family for the holidays and the weekend after that, I am headed to Cincinnati to visit my bf. Plenty of driving in the works for me!
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Christmas Eve=go out to dinner with DH, and to church, then drive around, looking at the lights. My so-called "family" is having their annual Christmas Eve "family" party--yes, the one to which DH and I are not invited, for the 3rd year in a row. (Mom let it slip today, when I called her earlier.) As far I'm concerned, I could care less whether they have a nice Christmas or not. I no longer consider them relatives. Sorry to sound nasty, but they deserve it, and I'm frankly tired of trying to get them to like us. And they wonder why I like my in-laws so much... I try not to let it bother me, but I have to be honest, it does, especially at Christmas.

Christmas=gifts with DH & the cats. Clean the house. I'll make a special dinner for the 2 of us. Watch TV or DVDs.
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Xmas eve... rest , shop for grocerys and walmart , clean up some of room...

Xmas day bible study and a steak dinner
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on christmas eve am going round to see my family, & dropping off presents! hehe, i love christmas so much! on christmas day am spending it with my partner & my 2 cat's, it's the first christmas together alone this year, so it's going to be very special i hope!
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Today we're going to a late breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, this evening we have a party then we're going to the Christmas Eve service at Church. Tomorrow we'll open our presents.
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Well, I had a fever all night last night so I slept in today. I think I still may have a low grade fever. I'm used to stuff like that though, I have awful luck. The rest of the day today I'm going to get a bunch of cleaning done. Tomorrow will probably be the same, lots of cleaning with a break to eat Christmas dinner.
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Tonight we'll open our gifts, and watch "It's A Wonderful Life".

Tomorrow we're going to a friend's for Xmas dinner, and after that we'll probably drive around to look at the Xmas lights.

I just wish I could spend the holidays w/ my family - especially my son & granddaughter: I miss them soooo much.

But at least I have my other "children".

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We are spending Xmas Eve just lounging around. Xmas is going to be at Rob's parent's house (not very thrilled though, since I only see my parents a few times a year, and I LIVE with Rob's parents everyday...) That, and my mom is a GREAT cook. I don't really eat much here because it's not really that good (and his mom admits she can't cook...) So of course I'd be wishing to be at my parents' house!!

So we are just gonna be here hanging out all day, opening gifts, eating, yadda ya. Then we have the 26th off work to chill around too.
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Christmas Eve we are having a turkey dinner, my first try at making a turkey so here's hoping, and going to church at 530. Christmas Day it's peasants, at our place and dinner and gifts at my in-laws.
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It is Christmas Eve. Hubby took the day off but our daughter is working at Barnes and Noble until 6. When she gets home, we will call my family who always celebrate on Christmas Eve. I miss being with them so much. Jen and hubby will each have a box of tissues for me when I call. (I grew up Catholic)
We then are going to watch the station here that just a yule log and plays holiday songs. Pretty cool. We will light our pink mylar tree and look at our ornament holder tree.
Tomorrow, since all 4 or us are Jewish, we will do the Jewish thing which is to go to the movies and to eat Chinese! Walgreens is open tomorrow and we are going shopping there even though I have no idea what we need to buy there. Well, we can always buy candy and toilet paper!
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Christmas eve the kids open one present, they hang their stockings, we put them to bed hoping they will drift oof to sleep, around 12 am we get to work, in the morning we will wake up to kids squealing, dogs barking the cat will meow, kids will bust through our bedroom door, and the fun begins, as the kids open stocking Dh will make coffee, (so i can open my eyes) then we open presents have breakfast, play games, toys , around 11 I will get the turkey in the oven, Dh usually takes the kids sliding, so I can prepare everything for supper, around 6 we sit down to supper, say a prayer then we open the poppers, eat until we are unable to move. Dh and my older two usually clean up the dishes.
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My parents just left. We had them over for a late lunch and to exchange gifts. Aaron and I will take a drive later to see some Christmas lights and we will watch a few movies. Tomorrow we will had to my brother's for Christmas dinner. We may go to his brother's in the morning.
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I mentioned before that DH and I drive around to look at the lights after church. Well, I decided to "Martha-ize" it a bit!

I found a nice snowflake-patterned basket I forgot I had. I put small paper Christmas napkins in it, and some nice chocolates, and crackers. I'll fill out thermoses with cocoa and coffee, bring my faux mink lap-robe, and some of those "shake-it" handwarmers (DH has his heated car seat cushion!). Then, we'll ride in style! Ok, it's in a battered, old Jeep Wrangler, but I can pretend, can't I????
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