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Have You Bought Yourself a Christmas Gift

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Have you bought yourself a Christmas Gift and if so what is it?

This year I bought myself a pair of micro-fiber pajama's. They are a very pretty lavender color, really comfortable and sooooooooooooooo warm. I have electric heat and am always trying to cut energy costs so warm P.J.'s are a must.

Even the cats like them, Linus loves to curl up in my lap when I am wearing them.
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I did actually--I bought some more Bare Escentuals makeup from Sephora with the Christmas bonus I got from work.
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No, i have not bought anything for myself. I might pick up a few things if i have some extra money at some of the after Christmas sales.
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When we were shopping yesterday I bought a pretty green cathedral glass candle holder for myself with some good smelly stuff too!
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I bought stuff for me while Christmas shopping but am not calling them presents!!
A pair of fuschia colored mary jane style Crocs (don't work well in the snow however)
Another pair of brown patent leather slip on loafers. Some gardening stuff (tax deductible!).
I'll see what the after Christmas sales bring.
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Yes I did.

I've been helping out with childcare at a mother's group that meets at our church. The moms gave all of the workers giftcards from Target.

I had to pick up a last minute gift at Target. I used MY giftcard and bought me the Josh Grobin Noel CD. And I'm driving the family crazy b/c this is the
3rd time today that I've listened to it.

Hey, if my kids can play the HSM2 soundtrack nonstop for the week that movie came out on Disney- they can listen to MY music
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I bought myself a TV so I can watch it while I walk on the treadmill. New Year's resolution is to continue to exercise at the fitness center, walk on the treadmill at home and diet. Hopefully, the TV will make the walk on the treadmill less b-o-r-i-n-g.
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Not christmas presents as such, just little knicks knacks i liked. Like a laquered mache cat trinket box (sooo cute and boho), a deep green ceramic scarab beetle, and a lump of Himalayan rock salt (all under $6 each). Yesterday for $1 from a curiosity shop, i picked up a book 'kitchen cosmetics' (choosing and using countryside ingredients to make natural cosmetics) and a cute stoneware cat cup (it's got chubby cheeks and a big fat belly ) I also found new christmas decorations of a Wonderland theme, they are old fashioned jesters made from satin/cotton in turqouise and purple, with gold bells and on gold wooden stick (really theatrical) to put on my wall because they aren't your traditional christmas theme so i can use them the whole year.

My room isn't full of knick knacks, but i do like hunting down unique pieces when i can
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Yep, I bought myself something that I always wanted. General George S. Patton Jr. called it "...the greatest battle implement ever devised." While that statement is arguable what isn't is that the present I bought myself is one of the best rifles in history:

U.S. Rifle
CAL 30 M1

More famously known as the M1 Garand. There were over five million of these rifles made before and during World War II. The serial number (above below Springfield Armory) dates this rifle back to 1942. The barrel was replaced in the 1950's. This was the first semi-automatic rifle issued in quantity as the main battle rifle for an army. The Germans, British, Russians and Japanese all used bolt action rifles as their main battle rifle.

It's heavy, too, close to 10 pounds in weight and the clip holds 8 rounds of .30-06. There are a number of people at work who have one and when they replaced he barrels they went with a smaller calibre round, the .308, because it's cheaper and more plentiful than the non-corrosive .30-06 ammunition recommended for the M1.

What I need to do in the coming months is to apply to a local gun/sportman's club for membership so that I can target shoot. There aren't many public places that are close to where I live where high powered rifles can be fired. Safety, as always, is of the utmost importance. I was a very good shot in the army, qualify either expert or just below at sharpshooter if I had a bad day on the range. I'd like to enter competitions once I become proficient with this rifle. Eventually, I'll buy an M1A (civilian version of the M14) and use that for competition shooting.

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I just paid for my new smartphone. I bought a HTC Mogul so I can download programs for it, like Davis Drug Guide. Well, that and I can play on the internet a little easier from my phone and I can text msg people easier and all of that stuff, lol!
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I bought myself the book Golden Compass!

I also went shopping tonight for my Dad's gift to me I got a new comforter, it was originally like $150 and on clearance for $24.99 It's an islandy print, with lovely green and teal colors I'll take a pic when I "get it" for Christmas 2 big blue soup bowls, cans of soup never fit in regular bowls and a cute grey hooded oh-so-soft sweater! Thanks Dad!
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A nice warm zipper sweater. I got it for going to FIL's house cause they never have the heat on.
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I paid the electric bill, the gas bill, bought some EVO and some WBCL. Merry Christmas to me!
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Yes. This year I bought myself a new jacket. It's a The North Face goosedown one. Soooo warm!
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Originally Posted by oOoMissEoOo View Post
Yes. This year I bought myself a new jacket. It's a The North Face goosedown one. Soooo warm!
Ohh Nice Northface is so warm I have one of their Fleece jackets! My DH has the puffy one

I did buy myself "Life is good" Pj's
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I'm going out in the morning to buy myself a shopvac. Mine broke with the last remodel project and we have more coming in the near future. I don't want to kill my vacuum cleaner on construction dust. Yeah, I'm being practical here.
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
I paid the electric bill, the gas bill, bought some EVO and some WBCL. Merry Christmas to me!
I feel ya! After shelling out over $200 this week for an emergency trip to the doctor and medicine out of pocket...that is my big Christmas present to myself
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We have a points system at work, and I bought American Express Gift Cheques equalling $400 and added some to it and got a new computer. Sam's Club had one for $500, but they were out of them, so they gave my SO, who went and picked it out, one that was usually $150 more for the same price.
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