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I have an eye question?

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Hi everyone!

My cat lily is about 2 and a half yrs old now, and I noticed that her eyes seam to rock or twitch back an forth. Do all cats eyes do this? I don't notice it on my other cat. His eyes are all yellow, Lilys eyes are yellow and close to the pupil they are greenish with some like amber mixed in, I just wonder If its normal and all cats eyes are like this, and I can see it on hers since they are different colors and his are solid yellow. You can only see it, if you look real close at her eyes, you cant see it when shes walking around or standing away from you. She eats and drinks and plays and sleeps like always nothing has seemed to change on her. I'm not sure if her eyes have always done that or if its just started. Shes not over weight and shes not skinny, she seems to be just right in weight.

Thanks for the help!
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Our cats eyes are very steady - no twitching or moving back and forth (unless they're dreaming while asleep!).

Lily's eyes sound beautiful.

Cat's don't have too many eye diseases that afflict them - and most of them involve watering, gunk, tearing, a filmy look, glaucoma, or something like that.

If it were me, I'd still play it safe and take her to a vet just to make sure there isn't a problem. It may not actually be an eye problem, but a nerve problem or something.

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I would make a vet appointment,too. She may have a condition known as vestibular disease. And any time you see brown spots in a cats' eye, especially if they're only in one eye, it needs to be seen about quickly. Here is a link on vestibular disease.


And one on brown spots in the iris.

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When the eyes do that, the correct term for it is nystagmus - and it's not normal.

There can be a number of causes such as an underlying neurological condition which the cat was born with (more common in cats with forms of albinism, Siamese etc), inflammation of the nerve (such as infection, injury, or a tumour putting pressure on a nerve), head trauma, ear infections and vestibular disease are the most common causes.

Chances are if she's always had it she was born that way and there's nothing to worry about, however I would take her to the vet to be on the safe side.
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