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Kitten Diarrhea, very bad case..

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My kitten all of a sudden came down with a diarrhea epidemic. She was doing fine and then all of a sudden this happened. She is about 9 weeks old (estimated) and I got her from a shelter who spayed and gave her shots. She has recovered from her spay just fine, but her pooping isn't so good. It's all soft stools, like water. I feed her Wellness dry kitten food, and occasionally their wet kitten can food. She was doing fine on both before this.

My brother and his girlfriend have a cat and she comes over when they do and both cats play. She feels her cat Science Diet and they have a setup for their cat in another room, but my kitten tends to use both litter boxes, hers and her playmates. I sometimes catch my kitty eating the other cats food, and I stop her because I don't want her to have stomach problems from eating 2 kinds of food.

Someone told me that if I feed her some pumpkin pie filling it may help with her soft stools but it's not helping. I called the vet and they said that she may have worms even though she was just de-wormed....

Oh and one more thing, she has a big tendency to stare at you and meow like she wants something. If I give her canned food she will devour it like nothing, even though she has a full dish of dry food. It just seems like she refuses to eat the dry, she'll eat anything but that, even if it's another cats, or even dog food, she'll go after that first then her own food unless it's the can.

What else can I do till I can get her to a vet?
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Hi, because of the fact that she has a voracious appetite and the diarrhea is sudden, it does sound like parasites - (worms) or perhaps giardia, which is caused by protozoa. She may need a deworming with something like Drontal, or may need meds like metronidazol if its a protozoan infection. You can certainly try canned (and unsweetened) pumpkin. (I think people usually give a teaspoon a day.) Another possibility is to pick up feline probiotics which can help with digestion. But you best bet is probably getting the freshest fecal sample you can (be sure to include the entire sample) and get it to the vet for testing. Good luck and I hope your kitty feels better soon
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if you can get some bene bac most pet stores have it ...

The kitty needs a vet today or tomarrow
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I also suggest a vet ASAP.

Also, do not give your kitty the pumpkin pie filling (it has spices and added ingredients). You should use the plain, just pureed pumpkin.
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Are we talking about loose stools 1-3 times a day, or more frequent diarrhea? The more, the worse... You need to check her for dehydration. Kittens are so very small and they dehydrate so quickly. If you lift up the scruff of her neck and the skin doesn't go right back down, she's dehydrated and needs a vet ASAP. If it doesn't go back down at all, she needs a vet NOW--that's an emergency.
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I took her to the vet and he gave me a prescription and gave me a stool sample thing to bring into him. he also gave me these pellets that looks like silica? He said to try to get her to poop on that and it will keep it fresh.

The medicine he gave me is diarsanyl and it seems to be working. He said to feed her some chicken and rice every now and then to help bind her poop. I noticed today that she made a semi-hard stool, her first in days!

She is seems a little more active and hasn't been meowing much, and she is eating her wellness food even more now.
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