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Wednesday DT

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Yikes!!!! The BIG boss is down for a visit and meeting....he did not tell us he was coming (I know...they never do).

This just means I won't have as much play time!

Just thought I'd stop in, say 'hi', wish you's all a great day and..........get to work

Bye for now!
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I've got errands to run. Mom's on a 24-hr heart monitor and my dad asked me to go up, disconnect her and return the thing, this afternoon. He has to work.

I'll have Bill take Ike to the groomer's. He's so dirty, from rolling in the yard, I can't stand it, any more. I know it won't last but, he needs his nails clipped, too and he fights me, when I try to do it. If I didn't have arthritis, I could handle him. Bill won't do it, because he's afraid he'll hurt Ike.

I posted a picture of Sam, in another thread. Whew! My back aches, just looking at her!

Its cloudy and we're expecting rain, this afternoon. That'll make the traffic fun. Its at least a 45-minute drive, to my parents' house.

Have a good day!
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I just found a spare 5 minutes waiting for an email to be sent! Yay! So I'm posting a little bit...

Recent days, weeks, months are just sooooooooo busy! Next week I'm starting to teach a cat behavior course to would-be cat behavior counselors - I'm the one getting the whole thing ready - it's 14 meetings, 6 hours each and it's TONS of stuff to do! That along with TCS, Meowhoo, hubby's illness and Ron - I just never have time for anything!

And just in case I'd forget, I got a reality check today. The homefront command in Israel sent us a booklet of instructions for the coming war
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Big Hugs Anne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Cindy, my heart was in my throat when you mentioned disconnecting your mom *Whew* I shook my head, read itagain and now......Je Comprends!!! (I understand)

Anne! Glad you stopped in! You have such a hectic schedule! Wow! Take it easy... not that that may be possible. A big (((HUG))) to you for the difficult time you are going through with the pending war. That is a scary thing.
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I had the same reaction as you G about the heart monitor!
Goodness me!

Woke up with a headache, so took advil, drank coffee and had a bath and I feel better.

This afternoon, when Jake gets home from school/work, we are going to mast general store to pick up a cast iron pan - the one we have is too small, I swear by cast iron for cooking steaks! Just perfect!

I tried a new shampoo, I love it - its Dove, with weighless moisurisers and its perfect for my hair!

The cats are all sleeping, so peace and quiet right now. Yippee.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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2 days left at my job!!

Well it's raining here (weather in so. cali yesterday made it's way up here) and generaly icky, but it doesn't happen often so I shouldn't complain.

I got a rose this morning when I got off the subway. Some guy said "Happy Valentines Day" and handed it to me with a flyer. It's for Yahoo's online Personals Ads!! :laughing:

Hope everyone has a nice hump day!

Katl8e, hope all goes well with your mom. And the groomer. We've never taken Bella to the groomer and I'm starting to think it would be a great idea! She's so big it's hard to give her baths, and clipping her nails is near impossible. I bet it would be a lot of $$ here in the city though.

G, get back to work!
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pssssst.......the boss has gone into the call centre. It's okay....I'm all alone here. Just have to remain quiet!

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Hey boss G is online!!!

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:paranoid3 :LOL:
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I don't know about the groomer, now. It rained, for about 1/2 hour. I have two wet, muddy dogs on my patio. Whenever it rains, they run out to play in it. I can bathe Pearl, myself (maybe, tomorrow).

Didn't mean to scare anyone, about Mom. With so many years, in the medical field, I tend to write and talk as if everyone understands the terminology.
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But it's okay....he just came in my office and is now taking me out for lunch!

See you guys later.......
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Its all my fault! *gasp*

But hey, at least you get a lunch out of it.
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Cindy, You made me read your post twice too! My collie has some black claws, which are so hard to judge. Nip, file, nip. I like the groomer to do them. I don't mind the white ones, but who would want an uneven manicure.

Rain in San Francisco (wow! What a beautiful city!) is ok to complain about, but heaven help Lhezzza if we get a hold of her! Hmmmm... It wasn't 79 and sunny today! I guess we showed her a thing or two when we caught her in the alley last night!

Kellye, You're so bad for scaring poor Ghyslaine! However seeing your name reminded me to go click for free food for hungry animals. I hope everyone is helping. It takes only a second. Off I go as soon as I tell you that W. PA had 3 more inches of snow last night, and the current temp. is 18 degrees F. Help! I'm going stir crazy! Cindy, come and get me before I lose it completely.
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
but heaven help Lhezzza if we get a hold of her! Hmmmm... It wasn't 79 and sunny today! I guess we showed her a thing or two when we caught her in the alley last night!
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Things didn't work out, with the groomer. According to Bill, Ike went ballistic. He and the groomer got a muzzle on Ike but, he still snapped and snarled. Then, he pooped all over the shower. Bill said, "That's enough". I'm going shopping, for a washtub and we'll do it, ourselves.
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Yikes Cindy! Ike really didn't like that groomer!! Our family dog, Felicia, was the same way with getting her nails trimmed. She never did have her nails trimmed after she was about 2 years old. Luckily, she hung out on the concrete slab (patio) in the back yard attached to the house, so that was like a nail file for her. She and Dad were best friends, but she would even nip at him if he tried to trim her nails. Now, my sister and I could paint her nails, she shook hands just fine so it wasn't a paw issue. She just saw those trimmers and freaked.

I've had an OK day, nothing real special just work as usual. I've been working on a new letterhead for the company at home at night (we don't have a good graphics program at work), so I don't feel like I've even been able to go home and relax for the last week and a half. Every time I think it's getting close to finished, one of the owners has another idea they want to try. I don't mind working on the graphics, but bringing work home every night isn't fun. I'm just tired.
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Checking in late today. Yesterday was fairly rough for me- everything that could go wrong did go wrong in the dentist chair. I had a reaction to the eppy they gave me, and right when they were grabbing the oxygen and calling out to Mike, I came out of it. But, I finally had the procedure and was then sent home to rest, which is what I have been doing- sleeping mostly through today. Been feeling so puny Mike went down to the cafe and got me a chocolate coke- a real treat for me.
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Cindy...sorry things didn't go as planned at the groomers.

Hissy, wow....that must have been frightening. Glad thing turned out ok.

I'm a little bit in a daze right now......(a little bit long)

My boss's dad went in for surgery today. Bypass surgery. Well, I had no idea that this was going on. He came into work as usual and around lunch time, I found out his dad was scheduled for surgery around 9am. I had noticed he did not seem himself but....he doesn't always tell me anything.

My first reaction after I found out was: "Why is he even here???? He should be a the hospital" Apparently the procedure was going last until after 1:00pm so he figured that there was no sense waiting while the surgery was going on. He came to work to keep his mind off of it.

I left at 4:30pm and from then....all I know is that he received a call from his mom. My boss arrived at the hosptal just in time for them to pronounce his father dead. His heart had swelled up during the surgery....

Needless to say, I am totally devastated. Not only is this my boss, he is my friend. I am pretty much useless right now because there is nothing I can say or do. I guess, once again, the next couple days will be spent in a funeral parlor.

Even sadder is this: He did not want to have the surgery. He had the option to not do it but everyone thought this would be the best thing for him. I feel so sad for all of them.

What an awful way to end a day......

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Oh G! I am so sorry about your boss's dad. THat is just too awful. My heart goes out to the family.

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Oh my gosh G, I am so sorry to hear that. How awful for your boss. My sympathies to your boss and his family.

Hissy I'm sorry you had a rough dentist appt, but glad you were able to get the work done in the end. I hate going to the dentist more than any other appointment! And a chocolate soda??? Never heard of that before!

Glad my day is over. Two full days left until I'm free to be home with my "kids" most of the week! My house will finally be clean, my laundry all washed, buttons sewed on pants, papers filed. . . oh the things I will be able to accomplish!!

Have a good evening everyone. (I'll be watching American Idol )
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Mary Anne, how scary! I'm glad everything ended up OK, though. And Chocolate soda? MMMMMMMM!

Ghyslaine, ((((((HUGS))))))) My gosh, I just cannot believe the year you are having, and it's only February. My heart really goes out to you. Once again, I want to remind you to take care of yourself, even while taking care of everyone else. Your heart is too big sometimes, and you focus on the needs of the people around you and forget about yourself. We are here for more support if and when you need it.
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Kiwi...thanks for the hug!

Big Kat.....thank you.

Heidi....gosh, thanks. Those are really touching words.

I'm going 100 miles a minute here (in my brain only! .) I'm trying to clean, finish some work I brought home, tackling Steven's valentines cards and I'm wondering what I am going to do tomorrow. I have to see what the arrangements are going to be. I may have to go away overnight. I also have to order the flowers, type up the announcement to post for all the employees. I don't know....I'm not thinking straight and I'm trying to remain positive.

And, I keep stopping at the computer. It seems to be keeping me sane right chances are, I'll be around on and off for a while tonight.
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Ghyslaine, What a terrible day you've had. I feel so bad for your boss. God bless him!
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