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She's meowing a lot more all of sudden...

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I'm new to this forum so first off I'd like to say hi, my name is Mandy from Canada. I have a Black DMH named Phibi (or Phoebe but I spell it my own way lol). She was a barn kitty. I got her when she was 7 weeks old and she was born August 19th (or so I was told).

I spent a lot of time growing up catching the stray cats on my street and finding them homes. I was only ever allowed to keep one. So Phibi is my second cat I've owned if you don't include all those strays I spent time with, getting to trust humans before saying goodbye.

Phibi is by far the most unique cat I have ever had in my life. She's friendly, outgoing, playful, smart... a little clingy sometimes. And I'm not just saying these things because she's my cat. She amazes anyone who meets her. Even my critical sister who needs everything to be perfect in her life pointed at my cat and said "if I ever got a cat, that's exactly what I'd like mine to be". And the vet says "she's quite the character".

So what's the problem? About 3 weeks ago she started acting differently (she's a year and 4 months now). I saw the exact moment it started!

Btw, I'm sorry if this gets a little long but I feel it's important to keep all the details in to pinpoint the problem and come to a solution.

Anyway, my boyfriend sleeps during the day while I'm at work and keeps the cat in the bedroom with him. Before this whole ordeal, when I got home I would open the door, let the cat out and everyone was merry. One day, I let her out, all was well until she heard someone with a shopping cart in the hallway (I live in an apartment) and it freaked her out and she started meowing and scratching under the bedroom door, trying to get back in. I did not reinforce this behaviour. I did not say anything to her, I didn't let her in the bedroom, I just let the moment pass. But 3 weeks later and everyday that has passed she meows constantly if she can't get in to the bedroom and then hides behind the entertainment center all day until around 4 or 5. She's actually more vocal now in general. I'm working contantly to keep that at a minimun by ignoring this and only giving her things she wants when she's quiet. It hasn't had much effect as of yet. The funny thing is, once 10pm hits and I go to bed and my bf takes off to work, she doesn't even want in the bedroom and usually runs out when the door is opened. So far it almost sounds like she has a problem with me but on weekends this is proved wrong. I know she doesn't have a problem with me because she is my spoiled rotten sucky kitty who follows me everywhere and has even leaped up into my arms on 2 seperate occasions to be "with me". I don't ever yell at her or hurt her. Like I said, when she's meowing, I ignore her. I even throw on music so I can't hear it.

This morning is a perfect example of her strange behaviour. Since no one had to work. My bf got up before me and left the cat in the bedroom with me. She was crying all morning to get out of the bedroom but finally when she calmed down and was quiet for a few minutes I let her out of the bedroom. She ran out happily, I shut the door and went back to sleep. Not even 5 mins passed and I could hear her outside the bedroom door meowing in a panic, scratching underneath the door, just having a fit!

She's better if the door is open all the times. She still does walk around meowing a lot more often even when it is. But my bf sleeps during the day and it's best if the door is closed from any noise me or the dog is making. But it's not fair to keep the cat locked up in a bedroom all day while he sleeps, even if that is what she seems to want.

I'm just thinking she grew insecure and the bedroom is where her security is. When I close that off to her she gets stressed out. But she used to be fearless. She never ran from our vacuum cleaner. One time I had to pick her up and move her out of the way cuz she just sat there watching it. And our vacuum cleaner is over the top loud and I want a new one because of it. But she heard some people in the hallway with a shopping cart and now she's gotta hide during the day?

I'm sorry that was such an "eye"-full but I'd really like to get to the bottom of this and correct it before it becomes a life long problem.

I'd also like to get it out there that she's got a clean bill of health and she's eating, drinking, playing, and poopin all normal. And she's still my sucky kitty.

Thank you for reading (or skimming through LOL),
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Well, is she spayed? If not and she's in heat, she'll make a noise and needs to see the vet for spaying. Otherwise, have you considered getting her a friend, another kitty to play with when you're not around? Cats do like to have another one of themselves around, much as they might love us, and especially when they're young.
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I agree with the spaying. But assuming she is spayed, any way to just install a cat door in your bedroom door? Then she can come and go as she pleases, and your boyfriend gets the benefit of the quiet from a closed door. Or? Just cut a hole in the bottom or your bedroom door large enough for her to get in and out of. And if you rent, consider purchasing a new door, taking this one off the hinges and storing it somewhere, and putting up your new door so you can cut a hole (or install a cat door) in it.

I agree the problem is her sense of safety. I don't know what changed to make her stress at not having access to her space, but whether or not you're able to figure it out, that appears to be the case.

Good luck!

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She is spayed! She never even got her first heat. As for cutting the hole in the door, we keep her with us in the bedroom when we can't supervise her while we sleep because I have a plant she eats and knocks over (it's a big plant and cannot be put elsewhere).

Because my boyfriend works at night and I work during the day there's always someone with her. I do not want another cat because I already have her and a dog, 2 gerbils and fish in a 1 bedroom.

She's okay at night, it's just during the day she gets kinda... worried about something.

Is there anything I can do to re-build her confidence? I know with dogs you stick to a routine and do daily obedience. She does have a routine, and I play fetch with her and make her do tricks, but she isn't a dog and I just do this for fun and to keep her from boredom incase maybe she's just getting bored.

Thanks for your replies.
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Where is her food and water kept? Have you changed the type of food? How about treats? I think that she just might need some more attention. Give her a treat or 2. Just show her that you are there and that you love her. She might have remembered that noise and associated it with something bad. So basically just show her more attention. Tell her you love her and give her a few treats.
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If you're unwilling to get rid of the tree and don't want her unsupervised, then I can't think of any further suggestions.

We had a tree one of our kitties wouldn't stop eating. We put foil from near the base to down around the pot, and covered it with a pretty cloth cover. This worked for a while. We ended up giving away the tree.

Best of luck,

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