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How about those porta-toities? Yuck! I'd rather hold it.
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
How about those porta-toities? Yuck! I'd rather hold it.
Ew yeah I hate those too but when you've really gotta go, you've REALLY gotta go. Like when you're halfway to Berlin and you've been in a car for the last 5 hours (and made the mistake of having a lot of tea on the ferry!)
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Pee on the seat is gross but there is something more disgusting. Once I went into a public restroom and someone had smeared there poo all over the toilet seat and floor!!! That is just wrong in so many ways.
I get this atleast once a tax season in our business!... it is gross!!!

I was eating at a mexican restaraunt once and walked into the men's room and there were two little boys drinking out of the urinal! They thought it was funny. The bad part: they were atleast 6-7 years old!!!!

Note: Most men don't pee on toilets for fun. Most are just lazy and or don't want to lift the toilet seat w/ their hands because to lift it, you must put your fingers where all the pee runs to. I use my feet lift the seat and flush w/ feet. Even w/ high urinals, I do a high kick to flush. You won't see me touch a thing in a public rest room. It's good to know that some women are just as digusting as some men though!
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i think the worst one i have ever seen was a convenience store restroom where the restroom was on the side of the building with open access from the outside. there were used needles all over the floor and sink, pee in the floor and on the walls, condoms hanging on the edge of the trashcan and someone didnt flush. OMG i ran out of there it was sooooooo gross and scary.

In college i worked part time as a janitor in a couple of the class buildings. One bathroom made me so sick. This was the mens room for the school of nursing. EVERYDAY, in the same stall of the mens room there was a "nest" made beside the toilet in the corner against the wall. Newspapers first, then a stack of paper towles, then a stack of toilet paper about 6 inches thick. Then whoever was "nesting" would pee on this nest. I never could understand what was wrong with this person. Maybe his parents potty trained him with the puppy? My boss said that before i had started there was a couple times where he took a dump on the nest as well. But in retalliation she locked the whole restroom out of order for a couple of days each time and that hadnt happened since, but the pee nest hadnt stopped.
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When I used to work at BK, I refused to clean the men's room after some guy peed everywhere and had diarrhea in the wall urinal. UGH! And even so, I still had my share of dirty work when some woman clogged up the toilet with a used pad. Good grief, the proper disposal for those was right there in the stall! After a major hurricane when we were the only place open for about 50 miles, it was really bad because people came in to just use the restroom. I hated it because some people didn't clean up at all and got water all over the counters and floor. How do you get water all over the counters when there's paper towels and air dryers right there?!
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Yep, it's one of my pet "pee-ves"! (Sorry,had to say that.)

I don't think I've ever accidentally done this. (Nor intentionally!). I think it stems from their moms telling them (like mine did) never to sit on the actual seat, because of germs. They must do the squat thing, I guess. (I refuse to do this--and, even all of these years later, each time I sit on a public seat, I remember my Mom, and how she'd be appalled!).

When I flush, I always look down; if I had done this, I certainly would've wiped it up with a paper towel, hot water, and soap, then dried it (this is what I do when SOMEONE else pees on the seat!).

I was recently in a bathroom, single toilet, where someone had pooped and splattered, not only on the toilet, but it looked like it went all over the wall behind the toilet. It was the most disgusting thing. As I really had to go, and there was only 1 toilet, I had to spend about 5 minutes cleaning up, trying not to touch the mess with my bare hands.

Another fave: there's a gas station near us. I once used the bathroom, which, though not really clean, I've seen far worse. I had to laugh when I saw one of those "bathroom cleaned ______ (date/time)" lists on the door. It was cleaned on 8/9/03,
at 2:00 PM. Only problem: it was October 10, 2006 when I was in there...

And, to add insult to injury, the wallpaper border was applied upside-down, so the fish were swimming upside-down.
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
How about those porta-toities? Yuck! I'd rather hold it.
Me, too, but when you're historical reenactor, that's usually all they have. And it's so much fun to try to navigate in an 1860's hoopskirt in a Porta-Potty, unless you luck out, and they have a handicapped one there. You have to back in, hope someone takes pity on you, and offers to close the door for you, flip up at least 3 layers of skirts, push the slit in your 1860's drawers aside, and drop down, hopefully on the seat. Then, you try to reach around a bunched up pile of fabric, and the bottom of your corset, and wipe.
And, when it's that time of the month...well, I'll spare you the details.

To be fair, most of the events I've attended keep the Porta-Potties very clean. They acutally have work details, which I think clean them every hour or so during the event. The only complaint, which I guess can't be remedied, is that in the really hot weather, with the sun beating down on the potties, things get a bit smelly at times.

Before reenacting, I used to refuse to use 'em. Funny how one changes. Shortly after taking up the hobby, I had to use one at an auction. Even though it was freezing out, I was so grateful for the porta-john! (And, away from an event, you'll notice them elsewhere, and your heart leaps--it's comforting sight!)

This all brings back memories of an Amish fabric store I used to go to. They only had an outhouse for the customers, not even a 1/2-moon in the door for light--it was totally dark and STINKY in there, and cold. I always joked that they had their own indoor bathroom, with solid gold taps, and marble!
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I've seen some nasty toilets before and yes women can be disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But in my own defense - I can 'understand' that some toilets splatter water when flushing which is frustrating because you think you walk into a clean toilet, sit, think GROSS, then hope it's just water.

So I always make sure that the seat is completely dry and I place toilet paper all over the seat. I check to make sure that the toilet doesn't get the seat wet but sometimes you just forget to check.

P. S. I don't squat - - - - -ew!
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
There is nothing worse than sitting on a toilet seat and getting a wet bottom. I HATE THAT!!!!!!

I normally look first too... And they DO have those paper covers!

I think some people do it on purpose. Especially those bathrooms that are uni-sex. Some men pee all over the seat because they find it funny.
No we dont.

Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Yuck! And seeing people exit a stall and leave without washing their hands grosses me out too! Were you born in a barn
Where I work, its most important to wash your hands before going to the bathroom. I'll leave out the details.

Originally Posted by butzie View Post
How about those porta-toities? Yuck! I'd rather hold it.
When I was pouring concrete last summer my boss won the bid to do the flatwork at this site where they were building a gas station. There were about 25 guys (large burly construction worker types) there at any given time, and one porta potty. And it wasnt cleaned or emptied for at least a month, even after we complained to the foreman. You can about imagine how full of crap it got. I mean literally there was no blue color left in that "water", just pure chunky brownish red hell. The last straw was when my boss saw me burst out of there and throw up on the dirt next to it. He says "Good lord why didnt you do that inside?" I say "inside is what made me do it", so then it finally got emptied. The kicker is some wise guy wrote "free chili" with an arrow pointing down on the back wall.
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Jaws that is disgusting!!!

I am a woman, and I can tell you that women can be a lot worse than men! I HATE women that "hover"!!! I have been into some pretty nasty women's bathrooms... a local bar and a movie theater, where there was clogged up poo in toilets and vomit everywhere... once I went to the movies and had to go all the way to the end almost to find a toilet that wasn't clogged with toilet paper, pee, and poo!!! Seriously!

As a general rule, I always use the stall closest to the door if I have to use a public restroom. I've heard that people always go further from the door if there are a lot of stalls.
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