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My kitten hates the new puppy

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I have two female cats (2 years and 3 months), and a samoyed who get along preety well, but I just bought a new daschound puppy (1 1/2 months) and the kitten "hates" him.

The kitten doesn't stand to be in the same room with him, and if the puppy passes by, she starts to hiss and flattens her ears. She has become agressive to us also, eventough she still loves the samoyed!

As the kitten is larger than the puppy, I'm afraid she would hurt him.

Any suggestions? I really need help!
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I would take an old towel and rub down your samoyed, then taking the same towel then rub down your dachsund- keep doing this to blend the scents, once the towel is scented up- rub the kitty with it. Do this about 3 times a day, if you can for a week. Don't launder the towel, feed the kitten on top of the towel tasty wet cat food so she can associate the doggy smell with a good thing.
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I'm just posting to say thanks to Hissy, that is so neat that you have tips like that! That is such a useful tip for many situations. . .so simple and easy too. If we get another dog like we plan to, I can do that for Pepper just to get him used to the new puppy smell, ect.

I assume it would be great for getting a second cat too, which we also want to do!

Great job helping people MA!
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It seems to be working. The kitten is already entering the same room where the puppy is to look for the treat (I placed the towel with the treat in the same room that the puppy spends most of the time).

Mafalda (the kitten) is still hissing if the puppy gets too close, but she seems a little bit less agressive!!

Thks again...
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Great to hear! Good luck with your four-legged family.....
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