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Husbands work hours just got cut

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This royally bites. Starting right after Christmas his hours along with everyone else's to 30-32 hours a week. We barely make it on a 40hr week. I have no idea what we are gonna do. I can try to pull some extra side jobs but those just do not pay much. And he does not have many options any options here to get another job. He said last night that we may have to move back to Florida just so he has more job opportunities. But this just bites all the way around because moving down there he has to start at the bottom of a company again. And he has been where he is at for 5 years. And its not just his store nationwide so just transferring to another store won't work. And to top it off we just got health insurance that starts in about 1-2 weeks. We can not opt out of that. We are stuck with a bill we now can not afford unless he quits his job.
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oh hun that really sucks I've nothing I can suggest, but I really hope things take a turn for the better. for you
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I am trying to look at the bright side of this but I am having a very hard time. And its not that I mind moving back to Florida. Because that does not bother me. I have been wanting to do that since my dad got divorced a few years back. But I do like it here. Everyone knows me and my family. And I do have some "friends" and stuff here. Plus my kids go to a small school and everyone is really nice there. Its more the starting over part that I hate.
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I'm sorry to hear that--especially at Christmas. I hope everything turns out for the better for you both in the New Year. I'm sure it will; it just seems scary right now.

My DH also gets paid hourly; he's a truck-driver. Since the new company took over October a year ago, he's had days off without pay, and greatly reduced hours. They're just not getting the freight they expected, and lost a lot of major accounts when they took over. Usually, he had tons of weekly overtime; now, he often barely makes an 8-10 hr. day (used to be 12-14, which a lot was overtime pay). His old company NEVER made them take unpaid days off, to save money. This is worrisome for us... fortunately, I'm salaried, so my pay is stable, but I make a lot less than he does, so he's the main bread-winner.
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Well I have been in contact with my ex step mom she said her work (UPS) will start hiring in Jan there. So there is a ray of light if we have to move down there.
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I am sooooo sorry to hear this news! We've heard of so many places cutting hours, and in lots of industries. Everyone's so excited because the labor market news hasn't been so bad. What they're not taking into account is everyone having their hours cut and not being laid off! This really sucks.

I really hope DH finds something else so you don't have to move - but I'm glad it sounds like there's going to be at least one option if you do need to.

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