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Sunday Agenda. What's Yours?

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Morning All!

Another dull dreary day here, it is actually raining this morning which is making quite a mess of things. Not freezing though so thank goodness for that.

Heading off to work in a bit, have to work until 5. Lots of people started their holidays Friday so I am working with a skeleton staff for this weekend, tomorrow and boxing day. That's okay though it's nice and quiet and it gives me a chance to get some paperwork housekeeping done.

Just home and TV this evening, maybe a long soak in the tub.

Everyone have a good one
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I have to work today and then tonight I am going to bake pre-made gingerbread cookies and decorate them and finish up my wrapping.
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I'm not doing ANYTHING! YAYYYY!!!
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I'm going to my younger brothers' for dinner and then we're exchanging gifts

But for now, I'm not doing much. I'm just going to rest to build up energy for what will be an exhausting afternoon / evening with my niece and nephew.
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Church, lunch, grocery store, and hopefully my brother and Sister-in-law arrive tonight.
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I think our day will consist mainly of trying to avoid going outside! There's a wind advisory and the temperatures are supposed to keep falling all day until it's about 20 degrees by 5 PM. If that guy ever calls back, maybe going to see a kitten.
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Cleaning my house for Christmas and watching Football but I think we are going to lose
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I am headed to my sisters today to exchange gifts.... I have to finish Christmas shopping first though! I did not get much sleep today so hopefully I will not be gone too long.
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Busy day for me. The electricity is back on now, that's a bonus, and will help. First, try to get hubby back from hunt camp (cell phones don't work out there, so son has been dispatched to get him) - because he needs to come get my car out of the road and back into the driveway, and be here so I can use HIS truck to get to work, since mine quit on me. Second is to wash my work uniform, 'cause I have to work this afternoon. Third is to clean litter box, feed & water Pixie. Fourth, maybe make the bed. Fifth is shower, to get ready for work....and then if hubby hasn't gotten home, try to find another ride to work.

And while I'm doing all of this....I will be contemplating the advantages of widowhood, cause my car has busted taillight, bad plug wires, and leaky head gasket, and hubby knew all of this, and hasn't fixed it, and told me not to have a mechanic fix it cause he could do it.....and yuppers sure enough, there I was, stranded in the snow yesterday, on my way to work.

I keep asking Pixie what I should do with this.....male.....that lives with us, and telling her what my thoughts are on what I should do to him....and she just gives me that look that says "hey, he brought me home to you....he can't be all bad!"

Speaking of whom...I hear the truck....gotta go give him a warm welcome home. Real warm.

Hope all is well with everyone, and you have a great week ahead of you!
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Morning cat folks!

I am eating some oatmeal right now with toast and coffee..catching up on my online goings on..then will be off to the gym.
My mom is coming today from Ottawa So, later I am going over to my sisters to sleepover... I love my mommy
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Today I am just working 2-8:30. Thats about it.
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Not much going on here. I am doing laundry, cleaning the house and wrapping the last of the gifts. I can't believe it's 2 days before Christmas. It really doesn't feel like it to me. I wonder if it's got anything to do with all my coworkers being poopy and scroogie lately, and my dh not being very festive either. Oh well, it'll all be over soon I guess. Sad, really since I love Christmas, just not this year.
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I did most of the cleaning yesterday. I need to finished last minute shopping and then wrap all the gifts. Have had much time since my mom's been sick.
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I just back from watching the Bengals hold on to win against Cleveland. Hope you have better luck next week Browns fans, couldn't have your team beating mine at our house just so you can lock up a playoff spot.

Now, I need to eat something and catch a nap. It was cold down there today.

Later and on Monday I need to do some cleaning and pick up one more gift tomorrow. Also need to make a cheesecake.
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Got called in this morning to do a C-section. We had a pretty little girl! Haven't accomplished much of anything the rest of the day, lol!
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I hope everyone had a good day!

I had work this morning. When i was finished up at work i came home and took a nice long shower then a little nap. When I woke up, Colin and I went driving around looking at some pieces of land (we were looking to buy a new home, but now we're thinking about buying the land and building one instead and renting our home now to my sister's family!), after that we went to Lowes to pick up some things.

Then we came back home and I made some dinner (grilled chicken salad) Now i'm curled up on the couch with my sweet little Velvet kitty, and i'm planning to start wrapping some presents in a little while!
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